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Therajraj: How Do You Anti Government


@therajraj You told me to start a new thread, so we can learn all about your libertarianism. Let’s hear what your ideal American government or no government would look like. Are private entities going to control everything? Are private companies going to be in charge of creating their own regulations? I am sure more people will ask questions once we get a good grasp of your libertarianism type of government.


You’ve jumped ahead.

Start with : Is taxation theft?




I am failing to understand whether I believe it is theft or not has to do with talking about your beliefs on your ideals in a government.

No I don’t think it is theft because their are essential things government does that should not be left for private companies to be in charge of. In order for a government to do those jobs they need revenue, which comes thru taxation.

2nd post in sums up pretty well how I feel about libertarianism


Are taxes a recommended amount to pay or mandatory? What happens if I don’t pay my taxes?


Again very irrelevant, this thread is about therajraj, not me. I want to hear what you have to say what I have to say has nothing to do with the topic. This thread is going to end pretty quick if we don’t start hearing your thoughts on the issue.


In order to understand my position, you need to start here. My question is not a non-sequitur


For what reason what I have to say has no bearing to what you believe. I can understand your position just fine if you use hypotheticals. Obviously you believe in not taxing, so I want to hear what your government will be then if you deem everything government does as non essentially. I am not going to continue to try and pull teeth to get to information you believe to be true.

Nobody is going to pay taxes if they aren’t required to do so so I will leave it at that.


If we understand taxation is theft, we agree it’s immoral to tax people.

Government should be a small as possible and we should live in a society based around voluntarism not coercion (government).


Taxation isn’t theft. Freely elected legislative bodies drafted all taxation laws and freely elected executives signed them into law.

You don’t get to just change the definition of legal constructs.


[quote=“therajraj, post:9, topic:225456”]
we should live in a society based around voluntarism not coercion (government). [/quote]

Good luck with that.


Is paying tax mandatory or optional?

What happens if I don’t pay my taxes?


You go to jail.


It’s the law.


Exactly. They will point a gun at me if I refuse to hand over a percentage of a product of my labor or if I refuse to pay tax on property on I already own. It doesn’t matter if it’s the law, anything can be enacted into law.


Have you ever been around people in your life? A fictional utopia where everyone volunteers for everything even to help people move. Go on

My wife, kids, and I volunteered to ring the bell for the salvation army last year and this year. There were so many times we went into stores and found no bucket and no bell ringer, we as a society can’t even get people to volunteer to ring a bell for a good cause and your expecting them to voluntarily give money to the government.


But here’s the thing: the government takes so much of our income that this limits our ability to act in a voluntary manner.

And it wouldn’t be a voluntary government, it would be a host of different private entities where you’d voluntary decide to engage with instead of by coercion.


Sorry, boss, that ain’t how it works. Especially for someone like yourself. The Constitution is the supreme law of the United States and it empowers freely elected officials to make law. You don’t get to just ignore the law because you don’t like it.


This isn’t a discussion of what the law says, I know taxation isn’t considered theft under the law.

This is a philosophical discussion. If you just want to repeat what the law says, you’re in the wrong thread.


It was once law that a black couldn’t marry a white. That doesn’t make prohibiting interracial marriage less racist anymore than taxation suddenly stops being theft because it’s the law.


Are there any responsibilities the government will still hold on to? I can think of regulating pollution as not a very good thing for industry to be in charge of or a private environmental entity for that matter.