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Theory of Comparative Advantage


Does anyone mind explaining this to me? I have an exam for my International Business Course and I can not quite comprehend this.

Here's what my notes say.

A nation may have absolute disadvantages in the production of two goods with respect to another nation

Yet this nation has a comparative advantage or relative advantage in the production of the good in which its absolute disadvantage is lower

By specializing in the production of the good in which the country has lower comparative disadvantage, and importing other goods, the total goods available will increase

absolute advantage means that a nation can produce more of a service or good than another nation with less input (land, labor, capital).


because one nation, with the absolute advantage, would be better off producing the item which it has the greatest absolute advantage. If it produced the lesser of its two goods, it would actually be missing out on the opportunity to produce said first good. Therefore the second shitty country does not suffer a penalty by producing the second good since it would have been unable to compete with the first country on the first good anyways. comprehende


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You have Nations A and B. The goods in question are C and D.

If A is more efficient and better at producing good C than Nation B, but Nation B is better at producing good D than C, then Nation B has a comparative advantage in producing good D. Comparative advantage, because it is only in relation to good C. This means it has a lower comparative disadvantage in producing good D.

In consequence, nation B should let nation A go apeshit in producing good C as it doesn't stand any chance in competing. This consumes resources (time, labour, materials) and allows nation B to benefit by producing good D.

If it's easier, think of it in relation to the 80:20 rule.


It may be simplier if you put some numbers behind it.

Widgets sell for $100/widget
Knobs sell for $100/knob

Assume input resources/time are the same for widgets and knobs.

Country A can produce widgets for $40/widget --> profit $60/widget
Country B can produce widgets for $60/widget --> profit $40/widget

Country A can produce knobs for $60/knob --> profit $40/knob
Country B can produce knobs for $65/knob --> profit $35/knob

In either case Country A has an absolute advantage and can outperform Country B. So at first you would assume that Country A should outproduce Country B in the production of both widgets and knobs and control both markets.

However, if Country A focuses on production of widgets and imports knobs from Country B then Country A will maximize it's profit.

Likewise, even though widgets are more profitable for Country B, they can't compete with Country A and are better served focusing on the secondary market of knobs.

Hope that helps.


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thanks a lot guys. much appreciated.




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