Theory: Nightly Intravenous Feeding for BBers.

Me and my friend were discussing what would happen if someone never ate at all for years at a time. Yet while at the same time, he recieved intravenous feedings at night to sustain life. First, a surge of calories and nutrients at night mixed with sleep medication (moderate and as needed to ensure quality sleep), then a trickle of nutrients to maintain metabolic rate and insulin production, then a surge right before breakfast including a teensy weensy bit of amphetamine to force you out of bed and BOOM! You’re ready to face the day and you don’t need to eat!

But the main question is what would happen to your digestive system without it being used? Is this possible?

In another scenario, you could eat 8 times a day as usual and follow the nightly regime. I think that would be a ridiculously great bulking technique.

Any problems here besides the complete ridiculousness of it?