Theory: most HGH is just B6

There’s always been a lot of debate on exactly what the white puck you reconstitute in those vials really is. I got some interesting labs back today after running gray tops for a few months. My B6 is through the roof. For context, my value was about 150 and the range is 2.1-21.7.

I base my theory on this:

"Consuming Vitamin B6 is considered to naturally decrease the prolactin levels in the body by boosting the dopaminergic effect in the hypothalamus "

" Pyridoxine (B6 ) suppresses the rise in prolactin and increases the rise in growth hormone induced by exercise."

Which would explain why people choose to believe it is “low dosed HGH.”

And were your IGF levels tested? If you talking about the same grey tops I’ve used I’ve seen lab testing on them and that are indeed HGH.
I’m not sure what you are inferring? Fake product?

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Nope that’d be a weird value to request from my doc. No reason to assume we are getting the same gray tops. Anyway it’s just a theory given the result. Does anyone actually believe it’s HGH in those vials anyway? I’ve always thought it was that other thing anyway. Imp…. Something that stimulates HGH production.

Why would this be weird? The doctor works for YOU. If you want that as part of your labs there is no reason they shouldn’t humor you.

If you don’t think it’s real why are you paying good money for it?

I guess I just don’t see the point of this post.

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That’s probably why your replies are useless.

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Yes I agree. Bad data in equals bad data out.

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Ok, this is relevant because my son takes Gh.

Is this a trusted brand? And would addional b6 help?