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Theory Behind Training Partners


I was wondering how many of you here train with training partners and if you think it brings you success. I know that having a friend or two can encourage you and push me, or if you guys compete against eachother..all the better.

I'm asking because I am really focused with my weight training, so when I workout alone in my basement, and if I have some good music of mine on and all, it defintaly doesnt seem like I need a training partner because I'm just so focused on what I have to do and am really motivated to get in my basement and workout. I DO however, train with one of my friends at lunch usually 2 times per week, sometimes 3. I'm currently training 6 days a week. What do you guys think?



I think there is ups and downs to training with a partner. I really like training with someone more advanced than myself(though i don't get the option too often because of my small town setting) simply because it gives you a chance to see what works for other people. Every once in a while a few friends of mine come train with me in my garage and its fun to have someone there to push ya along but I wouldn't want it all the time simply because they take away from my focus.


I absolutely prefer training without a partner, and if possible, completely alone.

For one, I respond to much higher volume than anyone I've trained with, so my workouts never matched up with any of my partners, in terms of how many sets I perform in a workout. If they tried to match to mine, they'd "overtrain" (or at least thought they would), and if I matched to them, the whole concept of "overload" would disappear...

My best workouts ever have come when I have the gym/equipment completely to myself, that way I have nothing to distract or disrupt me.

That being said, for certain instances, such as 1RM's or certain intensification techniques, it's nice to have some other humans around...


Very handy for spotting purposes.

I've had both, and i see both every day.

It depends on your personality. Some push themselves really hard, others need competition to really come out of themselves.

I would like someone to be a spotter, but otherwise I think i like to zone out to my tunes and just smash it by myself. I can rest as long or short as I like and there's no hassles.

Getting pinned under a bench wouldn't be good though, which is why the lowest I'll go for is a 3RM.


That's exactly what I thought. With my 1RM days it's nice to have people around. If I don't have someone around I'll still do it and all, but somedays I can feel it gives a little push to try a bit harder. With regards to other training, if I know what I want, have my goals correct and all I'm laser-like focused on my workout.



I understand about getting pinnned by the bench. Luckily I have a power rack at my house so if I miss a bench press lift the pins simply save my life lol.



I had a partner that was at my level, and it was great. We really motivated each other and we became stonger and bigger faster than we did alone. But he got injured, had another child, and got deep into hunting this season, so he's been out for a few months now. I miss it.

I get good workouts alone, but I really wish he was back because we never let each other slack or fall behind. For me, a partner is a great asset.