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Theory About Michael Jackson's Voice


I've been thinking alot lately on why MJ sounded the way he sounded. Like a powerful feminine voice but from a male. When i heard his interviews he always sounded like a woman, when he spoke in a normal voice. It was uncanny to me how add he sounded when he spoke.

Also as he was developing he never really developed masculine. He stayed kinda feminine looking even before the surgeries.

That combined with his families demons and abuse. The fact he would pee his pants when his old man walked in the room, all leads to me to believe that:

Michael Jackson was a Castrado.

Castrado: Male soprano or alto voice produced as a result of castration before puberty. The castrato voice was introduced in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel in the 16th century, when women were still banned from church choirs as well as the stage. It reached its greatest prominence in 17th- and 18th-century opera.

The illegal and inhumane practice of castration, largely practiced in Italy, could produce a treble voice of extraordinary power, attributable to the lung capacity and physical bulk of the adult male. The unique tone quality and the ability of intensively trained singers to execute virtuosic passagework made castrati the rage among opera audiences and contributed to the spread of Italian opera.

Most male singers in 18th-century opera were castrati; the most famous bore the stage names Senesino (Francesco Bernardi; died c. 1750), Caffarelli (Gaetano Majorano; 1710â??1783), and Farinelli. Castrati sang in the Sistine Chapel choir until 1903.



So they removed his testicles or the whole package .... but he still had 3 children.

Think about that for a few minutes.


Have you seen his children? they're white- Jackson can pay for skin whitening treatments, but he's still got black genetics, my dear. Those are not his biological kids.


Michael Jackson had a skin disease and used makeup to even the tone.


Common, don't be naive. MJ can't have kids. His kids are a product of surrogate parents. And castrados have their package just not the testicles. It was done to boys with exceptional singing talent to prevent puberty from changing and altering the tone of their voice. Thats why IMO he always sounded just like a soft spoken woman when interviewed.

Make no mistake, im not bashing him. Not at all. Just sharing my opinion as to the uniqueness of his vocals.






You are an idiot jermaine aounds the same, many in his family have soft voices.


The only idiot here is the idiot that calls others by his given name.


the theory has merit but the autopsy report could clear it up quick.


It's spelled castrato :wink:


You'd think with all the fuss Jackson made with investigators looking at his penis (to compare it to his supposed victim's recollections?), that it would get out if he was missing something.


This would explain the picture of MJ's balls on the milk carton.



Agreed. Tito was the same way...and so are Tito's three kids who had that singing group back in the mid 90's (T3). Not only that, but Mike's kids are not white. They looked mixed.

He just has them covered up most of the time now, and for those who don't know, many black babies are born looking way lighter than they are when they get a few years older. I was very light skinned when I was first born. I am now the color of OUTER SPACE.

This voice rumor was around when he was still a kid. They used to say that his dad gave him female hormones to keep his voice high.


Also, Tito's kids (T3) all sounded just like Michael...thus the instant recording contract they got even though they only had one real hit (Song- "Anything").


They sounded eerily similar...almost as if they were FAMILY.

Ps...Wasn't it 3T?


People who sing (practice and perform) to the upper limit of their vocal range consistently since childhood can retain/maintain that range in many cases. MJ was born into a musical family and the fact that music was in his blood is an indicator that the guy most likely sang DAILY, and with proper technical execution.

Singers who push the limits and add growls and rasp often lose their upper range.


This is very true.

I sing and have since a little kid. I can hit higher ranges that people wouldn't think I could because my talking voice can be much deeper.


You're right. I was trying to figure out why I couldn't find their song.

For those who didn't know, here is 3T (1995) Anything.

Damn I loved that song.

Considering his voice carried over to another generation, that can put an end to the rumor that his voice is "unnatural".