Theoretical Cycle #1

Thinking of some interesting cycles, let me know what you guys think.

cutting cycle, not for competition.
week 1-12
500 mg test sustanon weekly

weeks 1-10
500 EQ weekly

weeks 2-12
30 mg Winstrol weekly

10 mcg t3 Week day 1-5 of week 1
30 mcg t3 day 6 and 7 of week 1, week 2-11
10 mcg t3 week 12

20 mg Ostarine (mk-2866) Week 1-12

GHRP-6 4iu Daily after 2 ml recon…that’s uhm 2.5mg p ml, .01ml is 25mcg…100 mcg?
IGF LR3 4 iu bi lateral daily after 2 ml recon.
.5 mg p ml, .01 ml is 5 mcg…20 mcg each side. 20 mcg X2=40 mcg.

Creatine 4g daily, week 1-12

supplements dosed appropriately throughout the day
L carnitine 1G ED
L Glutamine 6G ED
Niacin 1G ED
B12 2500 mcg ED
L arginine 2G ED
Glucosamine Sulfate 1.5 G ED
B6 100 MG ED
D3 2000 IU ED
Zinc 50 MG ED
Magnesium 500 MG ED
Milk Thistle 500 MG(?) ED

No protein shakes, just straight meals.
60% protein, 20 Fat 20 Carb. Macros could definitely be way off, I’m just spit balling.

shit forgot .5 Mg Adex EOD

After all the irresponsible posts you have been making on these forums, no one is going to help you.

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I’m actually not asking. I just wanted to show something awesome I made, haha