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Theoretical Comments

On the nature of caffeine, ephedra and insulin sensitivity:
I have no doubt that the above do negatively affect insulin sensitivity as was so heatedly pointed out in a few posts recently. My thinking is this though. Both are extremely important in aiding fat loss becuase they increase the rate/flux of FFA to the mitochondria to be burned (caffeine) or they jack the nervous system and sensitize beta or alpha receptors (ephedra). In the former case, this is exactly the reason why insulin sensitivity is decreased. My point: if not abused, and if a gradual transition from caffeine and a keto-type situation to a balanced carb-diet, esp. with insulin sensitizing agents as ALA, would insulin sensitivity be that greatly impaired? ALA i would think, being as powerful as it is, might mitigate some of the perjorative effects of caffeine on insuiln sensitivity?

On 5x5 training versus other methods for bulk or cut.
Does it really matter if it is 5 sets of 5 reps or say 3 sets of 3 reps, as long as you are not able to perfom the last set?..is there something about 5 that is special.? If our goal is to achieve failure, and we do this in the third set of three reps lifting heavy and hard, would lifting 5x5 be any different?..In other words, if we keep the max amount lifted the same, would there be any difference on the muscle?..

If that particular inquiry re: 5x5 training has been addressed, I apologize.

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Yes, volume is key. 9 reps will certainly not yield the same effect as 25 reps, etc. One extreme would be to say that performing a 1RM would be just as effective, not so. However, as long as you have considerable volume, there are numerous strength based programs that will yield simlilar effects/results. Train hard,