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Theoretical "Best" Cycle


Hey Folks! I’ve been lurking on these forums and t-nation in general for about a year now and I figured it was time to start asking my questions.

Recently I had a discussion with a friend of mine who originally got me into lifting after college. The topic was the most “bang for your buck” cycle. I want to preface with I am in no way planning on running a cycle any time soon, but I think the general PEDs field is really interesting to learn about.

What we were talking about was what’s the best “risk vs reward vs cost” cycle? I know this is going to vary depending on goals, experience level, etc, but for arguments sake lets say all PEDs are the highest quality available and it’s legal to obtain/use them. What do you experienced vets consider to be the most cost/time effective cycles?

The thought I’ve had is that even though more of anything will almost always produce better results, eventually the risks associated with “more” will outweigh the benefits. I imagine this is more or less where the 500 Test E/week number comes from, but with the multitude of different PEDs out there, I’d love to hear some input from you guys that have actually done this stuff.


Look at what Arnold ran and finish with a cut cycle of tren with something else.

Deca/primo cruise for 1-2 year with tren to finish + good diet , choo choo lean gains train.

Too bad good primo is very costly