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Theoretical B&C Compound Choice

Theoretical cruising on 250mg/wk Test-E. Not wanting to get into durations would it really make sense at the following dosages to use an oral? Kickstart seems pointless on B&C and if I were to do this it seems I could run a fair amount of Test before I run into issues.

Option A - 250mg/wk Test and Anavar @80mg/day (say 6-8 wks)

Option B - 750mg/wk (6-8 wks)

Option B would obviously be cheaper and more convenient. I understand you get nice effects from combining compounds, but not sure if it really makes a big difference for me. I understand there are other orals out there as well, but I used Anavar for this example. Most Test I have run is 500mg/wk with lower oral doses for brief periods.

Maybe add another injectable? I like to keep things simple, but open to ideas to most efficiently handle something like this.

You would still need to wait for test levels to build up when using a long ester so a kickstart or frontload can be used.

Option A is essentially an anavar only cycle.