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Theophylline for Fat Loss?

I just got prescribed this, over clen, for asthma.

Is it a good fat burner? What doses? I can’t find much info on it besides it can be used and was in OTC PWOs before.


On yet another cycle of oral albuterol for my asthma.

Doc said combining the two to reduce asthmatic symptoms would be ok.

New doc, obviously doesn’t know why I take albuterol.

I’m shakey (day 1) on 24mg albuterol. Should I stack or cycle on / off (albuterol for 2 weeks and theophylline for 2 weeks)? For how long? Is theophylline even beneficial?

FWIW, I have a stockpile of the antihistamine (not the Benny, but can’t recall its name in 1mg that can help you extend an albuterol/clen cycle for 8 weeks).