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Theodore's Positive Result


Hey hey. Some of you may have heard the the goalie for the Montreal Canadiens tested positve for the banned substance finasteride (Propecia) last week.

he faces a two year ban from international competition, but not the NHL, as the drug is on the IIHF/IOC banned substance list. One of the American skeleton (like the luge, but with your face at the front) guys just had the same thing happen. The rationale for the drug being on the list is that propecia can mask the presence of nandrolone in the system.

Now, I've done some searching (on this site and through google) and the prevailing attitude is that having a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor in your system will NOT effect nandrolone in a way that is useful, regarding reduction or side effects. So why the ban? I'm sure I'm missing something, can somebody sort me out on this one?

Many thanks...


my question is.... what type of suspension does vanity warrant? what a crock of shit.


I just listened to an interview with the american guy and he said that he's been using for 5 years and had checked the website that lists banned substances each year, and it wasn't banned. So he doesn't check this year and all of the sudden...it's there. His argument is that why is it just now "cheating"? The IOC is out of control with, in my opinion, its arbitrary rules. And what can anyone do about it? Nothing.


I fully agree, way out of control...I think the drug is on the list not for it's performance enhancing properties-cheating-but because it can perhaps be used as a masking agent for other drugs in the blood...