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I just launched my training site earlier today.

Let me know what you think.



(Edit: I went back and implemented a few suggestions including no secondary scroll bar, a picture on the front page, ‘easier to find’ buttons, a few more client testimonials (pictures coming soon) and a few other things).

I think I smell a future big namer.

Congratulations on the site. The testimonials speak volumes, man.

I do suggest a ‘photos’ section, for increased groupie numbers.

I have never had an experience like that before. Looks good.

Might I suggest some pictures, maybe one of you doing curls on a preacher bench with a really intense look on your face?

That’d be rad.

In all reality, looks good dude.

The website looks strange.

The green color scheme, is a bit different. I’m not sure what catches my eye. I’m not sure if it’s good or not. I wouldn’t pick it for my page, but then again I still don’t have a page. It seems like a shag carpet green from the 70’s that has been faded.

The logo is giving me a non-professional vibe, in my eyes. The look of the whole web-site reminds me of a 12-year old online game clan website. The navigation looks like it’s skewed.

No offense, otherwise the content of it is good. I just don’t care much for the layout. Also, your slogan sounds like a horny teenager’s pick up line he uses to try and hook up with girls. Lol, which made me laugh and might just work.

[quote]Chris Adams wrote:
Lol, which made me laugh and might just work.




Thanks for the input.


[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
I do suggest a ‘photos’ section, for increased groupie numbers.[/quote]

Agreed, people say, “Hey, he looks fit, he must know what the hell he’s talking about.”

isnt “live your life” the american eagle slogan?

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
rrjc5488 wrote:
I do suggest a ‘photos’ section, for increased groupie numbers.

Agreed, people say, “Hey, he looks fit, he must know what the hell he’s talking about.”[/quote]

Yeah. I remember reading that CT’s clientele demand shot up after his beast transformation.

[quote]Nate Green wrote:

I just launched my training site earlier today.

Let me know what you think.



Nice work with the Testimonials. I think many people look at stuff like that to see who you’ve worked with.

You’ve got some big names there so I think you have that section covered.

Did you use any of the Ryan Lee material to get your business up and running. Just looking at your site, it looks like it ticks all the boxes that he insists on for web site design.

Nice work.

I give you alot of credit, but I agree with some of the opinions above. The name is catchy, but the logo design looks a little weak. Also, remember most people will see the page for about how long I did- 30 sec. They’ll click on a few of you buttons, but they won’t get to the meat of what your about. I didn’t. You have good quotes and references, but in the 30 seconds I looked at it, all I gained was “this guy is saying he’s not like everyone else.” So what. Thats everyone’s pitch nowadays. Nevertheless, I want to say a big congrats and good luck. I’m not trying to be an ass- I think you are getting to something good. Keep it up!

The website needs work. The frontpage is pretty bland, nothing eye catching. Need some pictures. Also, the links on the top are way too small, hard to see and don’t stand out. Testimonials are good.

Nonetheless, good start. Keep updating the website and keep making it better. Keep working hard Nate!!!

In an online medium in order to make an impression you have to immediately catch the users attention.

People have extremely short attention spans in an online medium.

Remember its not always about the product but how well you market it and how well you present it.

In my opinion the site looks cheap. The color scheme and the logo are suspect, and the navigation is a bit dodgy.

Its great that you have your own site. Just be aware that people can be very cautious about online sites and if a site looks cheap or dodgy they will think scam.

[quote]Nate Green wrote:

I just launched my training site earlier today.


Let me know what you think.



Hate to be harsh, but…

Site is ugly and poorly designed. Build in scroll-down boxes are a bad idea. As a user, I have to scroll down the main page. Then I had to scroll down in a another part of the page. Too cumbersome. Using those is a rookie webdesign mistake.

The picture of you in “About” page is corny and off-message. You look like you’re going to take someone backbacking or hiking. But your marketing yourself as a personal trainer.

You list your prices. Nothing makes me (as a potential client) want to pay you. What have you actually done for clients? I’m sure you’re good at what you do, but I don’t see much to indicate that you’ve helped people improve their performance.

Too many of your testimonials are from “stars” in the fitness industry. Again, how many potential clients will know who those guys are? Certainly it means a lot to you that those guys would go on record for you. But those names won’t mean much to most of your client base. The testimonials from the athletes/clients should be at the top of the page.

About those tesimonials… This is cumbersome: “Nate’s experience with compound movements and integration of sport specific exercises helped skyrocket my performance to the next level.” Ordinary person will say, “Wha?” All potential clients care about is RESULTS. All that jargon and pretentious diction needs to go. Something better: “After training for three months with Nate, I had my best season ever and was named [MVP/MIP/etc.]”

From an executive: “After training with Nate, I’ve had more enery at home and the office. Thanks for giving me the energy to meet my daily challenges, Nate!”

It’s a common mistake of the young to use fancy words. Use clear, active words instead.

Good luck!

I like the colors, but some of it was difficult to read and overall the site was a little annoying to navigate.

I think if you asked yourself “what impression would the average moron get from this page” and “what is the average fatass seeking?” and perhaps “how likely will the average person with the short attention span spend time digging around my page”. Then you’ll concoct the right design for you page.

Take a look at Matt Furey’s pages. You log onto his site and he hits you immediately with what he’s about, how he does it, and makes you WANT to buy his stuff. I’m sure you’ve been to DeFranco’s site as well as JB’s site and checked it all out for ideas.

Good shit, Nate!

You’re an intelligent young man and you will do this field a world of good. You have a good head on your shoulders. Since I’ve seen you on this site you have been nothing but a humble person, keep it. That is extremely rare in this field. I have no doubts that you will keep a level head and not let an ego get the best of you which is something that has become an all to familiar situation. Keep up the hard work bro and good luck.

Is that anything like the Lewis Stevens Exeperience?


Thanks for the insight and suggestions.

I appreciate it.


[quote]Jon Boyle wrote:
I think I smell a future big namer.
Could be, and I hope so. But geez, it looks like anyone can have their own site nowadays. :wink:

I like the general layout, and definitely think it’s an improvement from your previous site. My biggest issue is in the services section:
“warm-up modalities, soft tissue work, static and dynamic stretching, strength training, proprioception, prehabilitation, corrective training, and recovery measures.”

I would only expect a beginner to recognize the words “stretching”, “strength training”, and “recovery”. The rest of it would need more explanation in order to not be confusing.

Other than that, I think you’ve got a good thing in the works. Oh, and I was going to ask you about the Ryan Lee camp. Glad to see that info there. :slight_smile: