Then..... and Now

This isn’t going to be quite as polished as I’d wanted it to be but I simply HAVE to get it started. To those of you who’ve PM’d me about this, I’m not ignoring you but am just swamped with similar messages and this is probably the easiest way to answer everyone.

I’ve wanted for some time now to show the physique changes I’ve made over the last several years and to tell a bit of the story that goes along with it. I think that there’s a lot of people out there who could identify with it and use it as motivation to help them reach their goals.

I didn’t really know where this thread would be the most appropriate fit - The T/N board doesn’t allow for pics; the Photo board seems to be more for those seeking evaluations. While I have used Biotest’s HotRox, I’ve used other sups too so that board didn’t make sense, so that leaves here - the Off Topic Section. Hopefully someday there will be a section just for the support and celebration of ongoing transformations where detailed diet and training logs for each subject can be viewed and mentoring relationships can begin. As such, I don’t want this thread to be all about me. I would love for anyone who has made a significant (by their own standards) change in their physique to do a show-n-tell also. Whether you started out a skinny bastard(ette) or a fat bastard(ette) doesn’t matter. Someone out there will be able to see the progress you’ve made, identify with it, and use it to motivate them toward their respective goals.

The above pic is the “now”; certainly not an “after” as I have much more progress to make. There are true fatty pics in the next post as well as part of the story. Please feel free to ask questions in whatever level of detail you’d like. I’m pretty damn near impossible to offend or embarrass, so any be as blunt as you’d like.

I’m going to go into a level of detail that may not appeal to some, and that’s fine. Ya’ll can go read something else. My hope is that someone somewhere will be able to identify with at least a portion of this and wring something useful out of it.

This is me at ~190lbs. Not the best shot to see the sheer size of it but then, who has pics taken of them when their grossly overweight?

At age 21 prior to becoming pregnant, I was 110lbs and roughly 11%BF as I was training for an up coming regional bodybuilding show. Four months into a toxic pregnancy, I’d gained almost 40lbs, was having heart palpatations and weekly ultrasound and bloodwork tests done. By my 7th month I was on complete bedrest and delivery was induced at the beginning of my 8th month. When I delivered my son, I weighed 194lbs. That’s an 84lb gain in less than 8 months. That fucked with not only my body, but my head. Big time.

My marriage had much to be desired and shortly after my son was born, I went into a deep depression. I had known my husband for all of 4 months when I’d gotten knocked up. Marrying a virtual stranger because “it’s the right thing to do” in that situation is the really absolutely wrong thing to do. Between the wretched marriage and the weight gain (with all the psychological issues pertaining to that) I spent the next 3 years in a very bad place, physically and mentally. When I finally reached the end of my endurance and made the decision to leave the marriage, my life began.


Karma, while I don’t agree with a ton of what you say, I am happy that you over came the crap in your life and are a much happier person. You’re kind of inspiring, you know, for a girl. :slight_smile:

Well… you can tell that the smile is the same. Otherwise, it might well be a different person altogether.

Thanks for posting this. You’ve got a lot of guts, girl.

thats some good stuff karma.
go the hot mums!

Gotta tell ya ~karma~…this thread is going to help alot of people. Cute kid by the way…;o)

Great job Karma! Taking control and making a come back isn’t always easy. Glad you have found success.

I am interested in the actual process. Eating plans, workout program that you have followed and how that might have changed during this time.

I also know it isn’t easy to post before pics…no matter how much or little of you actually shows in the pic. Kudos to you for being able to do it.

I appreciate the time it has taken for you to post and share.


Yes that is surely a change in appearance, and sounds like in most other areas as well.
Did you have many people that you met while being a “fatty” and then didn’t see you again till now? I can just imagine the looks on many guy’s faces at that change…

Takes guts to do that change, I still know many people who just won’t take that leap to seriously work on losing that weight. They jump from one half assed fad diet to another, and almost totally forget about exercise.
Next thing they know they get winded walking up 1 flight of stairs, and start prowling a parking lot for 15 minutes in order to park 10 stalls closer to the door.

On the marriage thing I would also agree. Even though I’m pretty far to the conservative side in most issues, I still don’t believe getting married is always the best way to handle that situation. My brother in law did that (short time with his wife as a gf, knocked her up and then shotgun wedding real quick) and it is still a mistake. They never should have gotten married, never should have had kids. Divorce is bad, but showing kids the example of a shitty marriage isn’t any better.

That’s not a bodybuilding pose I’ve ever seen before…

All kidding aside, that is one heck of a transformation. You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.

karma - What type of diets and supplements did you use to lose all of the fat? Also how long did it take you to get to where you are now? Congrats on the achievement.

I may not agree with your ideas or your politics but I cannot argue with your dedication and sucess! Way to go Karma you look great and it shows!

Look at that ass SMACK

Oh, great job.

This looks like the beginning of a really inspirational thread. Good job and thanks for setting the example.

That’s a pretty big thing to do and I’m sure alot of people can identify with overcoming some similar type of adversity in their lives. Definitely a great thread, and not to blow smoke up your ass since you’re soo damn sexy but I notice that despite some of your say provacative pics nobody seems to have anything neg./catty to say. I can only imagine that this probably has something to do with the way you come across as a person. Anyway, I like your style. One more thing, It’s definitely not a complaint(since you have such a lovely sing on your back porch) but you’re a gorgeous woman so I don’t think you’d get any complaints if you showed that mug a little more:-)

Karma you did a great job!!

Karma, the pose in the “after” shot can merit only one response:

I’d hit it. =-)

Great job.

Good work, ~karma~!

I’ll bet these pics & your story will inspire others to get into shape. I also would like to hear more details about how you acheived this (training, diet, etc.)

You’ve got a long way to go?? WHY???