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Then and Now Powerlifting Total


Not sure if there is a thread for this yet, but for those who have been in the game for a few years, do you remember your first FULL MEET total, Raw/Supported and how does it compare to your most recent? Looking back, did you see yourself where you are today? Pushing maybe another 500+lbs total? Take yourself back to that first time, the training you followed and the knowledge you had. How does it compare to today?


Great topic. I'll be watching.


i havent been powerlifting for that long, ive only done one meet, but im getting ready for my second one coming up on march 26th in South Carolina. in my first meet i totaled 1230 raw at 198, and im hoping to total 1300+ in march at 220. i was sitting at about 203 and trying to cut those few pounds to stay 198 but i wasnt making any gains so i decided ill just bump up and have some room to grow.


I was right around 1550 raw for my first meet in August 2005. I was still playing college football and wasnt really focusing on PL training. I broke my back in 2008 but got an 1860 raw total a few months before. I've spent the last few years trying to get my squat to not suck, because of the injury, so I literally have no idea what my total is now. I am definitely doing a full meet, first in a long time!, in April but, I dont know if I am going raw or geared yet.


I've only done 2 meets but in November at a deadlift meet I pulled 290 in the 148 class, then dropped a class and hit 368 at 132 in january. Switching to sumo really does wonders when youre 5 foot 5. Totaled 764 at my first full meet, looking to get around 845 at my next one in May


Thank you for sharing Storm, I've read your story, and I too have a back injury, though not to the degree of yours, (ruptured L4/L5 disk) Hope the training is going well and your numbers are going back up!


First meet was April 2005. Totaled whopping 1189! Best meet so far was September 2009 with 1756 total. Had a crappy year last year and total actually went down a few pounds, but I'm looking for redemption at APF Masters Nationals in May.

We train with a "sort of" Westside template; a ME day for each lift once per week, and what we call "accessory day" two other days a week. Accessory day for bench centers around close grip bench and other tricep work, along with various shoulder work. Then my other accessory day is for back and hamstring work. I personally get a lot of benefit from SLDL from a 3" deficit, and various forms of rows, among other things.


My first full meet was in December of '09 and I totalled 795kg @ about 130kg bodyweight (equipped, WPC rules). My next full meet was in May of 2010 and I totalled 886kg @ 125kg. I've taken a year off from competitions to try and improve my body composition, and at my next meet in March I'm hoping to break the 2000 lbs total barrier if I wind up having to bench raw (rest of my lifts will be equipped) or break the 2100 barrier if I'm able to get my shirt working in time.


First meet was in Dec 09, totalled 1010 in the 220. Like many others, I got injued 6 months later and had to take time off which screwed up everything. Now plan on competing again at the end of the year in the 181 weight class.


First meet with equipment was in 2002. Totaled 1360ish at a light 242. My best total to date is 1742 at 242.


first meet was the 1987 cotton states/alabama championships.

I competed with just belt and knee wraps, won the teen division and beat the at the time teen national record holder who was also competing at that meet. weighed 212 lbs, teen division at that time was done by formula, not weight classes (the old now defunct ADFPA)


in my late 30's, I hit a 665 sumo dl with a suit. around the same time i hit a multi-ply suit, belt and knee wrap squat of 680, but that was a gym lift.

best total by formula was 600/365/600 (1565)as a ligt 198er (192lbs) in the early 1990s dont remember when exactly. this was a single ply with belt and wraps, no shirt.


First comp in 2005 I did 177.5kg 115kg 180kg at 79.6kg
in 2009 I did 250k 200kg 210kg at 89kg single ply