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theme songs for annoying ex-girlfriends

If any of you have an ex sgnificant other, spouse, or someone that used to be special to you still bothering you, well I have to songs that you should listen to. Both are by Pantera, “Yesterday don`t mean shit” which is on Reinventing the Steel and “Shedding Skin” which is on Far Beyond Driven. You should really check them out if you have this problem, like me I have this problem and these songs solve it all.

I prefer “Love” by Pantera.

There is a song called “I wrote a thank you letter to the guy who raped you” by Anal Cunt. I think that is appropriate…Yes, they are a real band.

Try “Asleep at the Wheel” by Suicidal Tendencies.

“I Used to Love Her” by Gn’R…I used to love her, but I had to kill her. Says it all, don’t it?

Liar, Rejection and Shame by the Rollins Band.

Liar has got to be one of the best women songs ever.

Ever hear Breakfast After Ten by Blue October? I love that one, too..

“She’s got issues” by the Offspring

“The Needle & the Damage DOne” by Neil Young

Uh, you do know that song is about heroin, right?

“The Game” by Disturbed.

Oh yeah, I forgot, “World of Hate” by Carcass.

Everything about you by Ugly kid joe.

Your love is like nuclear waste - Tuff Darts (80’s punk band)

I’ll Fuck You Blind, by Kid Rock

“Better off Without You” by the Clarks…ooooohhhh yeaaaaaaaaa…great song if u feel like bashin the ex’s head in.

Megadeth - My Darkest Hour