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Them Crooked Vultures (Music)


Ok so I'm a big Queens of the Stone Age fan and thought they're best album was Songs for the Deaf w/ Dave Grohl on the drums.

Fast forward 8 years and Josh Homme and Dave Grohl have formed a new band called Them Crooked Vultures with John Paul "Fucking Led Zepplin" Jones on bass. I don't know about anyone else but I'm pretty fucking stoked about this. I've been listening to some of their songs on youtube from a show they did last month (their first public appearance).

They're going on a limited N. American Tour and tickets just went on sale. I just picked up 4 for the Boston show. If you like some good ass Rock and Roll I suggest checking them out. They're stuff sounds pretty damn good.


Not too shabby ! Listening to "Elephants" and "Nobody Loves Me" you can't help but hear Led Zep.

Link to their Youtube page:


I'd also recommend Warsaw from one of their live shows.


here's a song called Caligulove that's pretty fucking sweet -

Here's Warsaw -


Saw them live at Reading Festival in the UK. Really awesome band, can't wait to see what they get up to.


Queens of the Stone Age were amazing, even if their post Songs for the Deaf work was a bit disappointing. Just a great sounds, one of the few new hard rock/heavy metal bands worth listening to, really. Dave Grohl's an amazing drummer, and do I even need to explain why John Paul Jones is the shit?

Really looking foreword to this. Anyone know when they'll be releasing songs/an album?


I don't but wikipedia does:


Not sure about the album but I know they're going to be at the Sound Academy in Toronto on Oct. 9th (not sure if you're near Toronto) if you're interested in checking them out. Tickets to the general public go on sale tomorrow morning at 9 or 10. I've got tickets to the Boston show and this is the first time in a long time I'm actually counting down the days (alright not really, but I'm pretty stoked about it).


Fuckin-A right!!


Yeah I'm from Toronto, thanks for the info.


Ok ... saw them live last night in Boston at the House of Blues.

Talk about some balls out rock and roll. Holy shit, they kicked some ass. I can't WAIT for the album. Amazing chemistry between JPJ and Grohl, and Josh Homme's guitar was on fire. Fucking awesome show.

If anyone has a chance to see them live on this tour ... DO NOT PASS UP THE CHANCE. It'll be a great show.

If you're a fan of just great rock, then you'll like these motherfuckers. They're bad ass.


FOr everyone interested : TCV is streaming their entire album on youtube if you'd lke a little preview of it ... I've just listened to it and it's damn good.


Pretty good album overall. I do have to say that the last third of the album isn't as good as the first two, but overall great album. Way more bangers than a Queens of the Stone Age album, with less filler. That was always my problem with QOTSA, they had a few amazing tracks on an album, and some forgettable ones. It didn't matter that much, except for when you can't fit all the music you want in your ipod. This album doesn't have any forgettable ones, just maybe two or three songs that aren't up to par.

Not a fan of the Foo Fighters [I have to give their earlier albums a better effort though], so I can't really make a comparison there, and this stuff's too different from Zeppelin to make a real comparison either.

I've only gone through the whole album twice though, and a lot of the first half I'd had more time to listen to, so maybe the last third will grow on me. Ut's just good to have bands like this. Too many hard rock/metal bands these days overdo things: playing too fast, to many/long guitar solos, annoying overreaching singers etc. This band (and QOTSA before them) is not one of those groups.

BTW too bad the new Arctic Monkeys album wasn't as good as I'd hoped. They had Josh Homme producing, and said they were trying to incorporate some influence from Black Sabbath on their album. I figured as long as they didn't slow down their riffs too much, Josh Homme and the Arctic Monkeys would equal a win, but oh well.


I partially agree with your QOTSA albums comment (great tracks v. filler).

Their first 3 albums had no fillers (QOTSA, Rated R, and Songs for the Deaf). Those 3 albums were amazing. The last two, however, have a few skippable tracks, especially Era Vulgaris.


Now that I think about it Songs for the Deaf had a pretty good hit:filler ratio, and Rated R was pretty good about it too.


Polo wins 10 cool points. LarryDavid gets 5 for that damn avatar, listening to them crooked vultures and just staring at that ass...