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TheKingAdRock's Workout Log


-lifting on and off since high school.
-late 2011 started getting more srs.
-spring of 2013 had a pec tear
-summer of 2013 started having back pain. tried different treatments and nothing seemed to work. stopped working out all together from the end of 2013 till late spring 2014. got very depressed during this time and turned to binge eating and ended up gaining 50lbs (not a typo, from 220lbs to 270lbs) in 3 months
-over May, June and July of 2014 I lost all 50lbs through restricted calorie diet (1600-2000 calories) and lots of walking along with some at home resistance training (light dumbbells and resitance bands)
-fall of 2014 I got back in a real gym. over all this I’ve had some ups and downs with the back pain. have had to take time off from pain flair ups. weight got as low as 208 and kind of yo-yoed up and down due to holidays and what not.

that leads to now. I have gotten back on a consistent diet and training. weight has been creeping down from 225morning weight about 3 weeks ago to probably around 215 now. was 214 post workout this morning. goal is to get down to 200 morning weight by the beginning of may.

I’m switching to lower volume and focusing on getting stronger. I have a lot of room for strength gains as I have mostly done higher volume ‘pump’ training due to not wanting to get injured. but my body feels ready to add some strength on.

routine is now chest,shoulders and biceps/legs/back, traps and triceps. then on the fourth day an at home workout consisting of hindu squats, kettlebell swings, ab wheel and various ab exercises. then take a day completely off. then repeat. if my body needs more rest days then I will take them as needed.

here are some before and after pics. i’ll do a proper after pic at the beginning of may, which will be one year. but just to give an idea what I’m working with

before, beginning of may 2014. warning I’m fat as shit.

after. feb.2015 this is post workout w/ a pump plus tank top. like I said though i’ll get a proper after pic (no shirt or pump) in may.

workout. chest/shoulders/bi’s

10mins stepmill+ dynamic warm up

pauses incline barbell
135x6 for 3 sets

incline barbell

flat dumbbell bench

50’sx10 for 4 sets

face pulls 5 sets of 15-25. weight ranging from 50 to 70lbs

rear delt cable flies
20lbs for 2 sets of 15-20

db lateral raises
10’s x40
15’s x30
20’s x15
25’s x10 drop set to 10’s for 20.

db rear delt fly’s
10’s x20 for 4 sets

reverse cable curls
2 sets of 20-25

cable curls
2 sets 0f 15-20

20mins intervals on the stepmill.

I went a bit lighter than I planned on. when I was warming up for inclines my left pec was feeling off. ever since my pec tear (which was the right pec) sometimes my left pec feels off, like it is strained or could tear. idk it feels fine now, I need to start foam rolling it again.

my main focus on chest days is going to be paused incline presses for the time being.

idk why the images didn’t show up in the op. I’m guessing I need more posts before I can embed images? i’ll try to just put them in as attachments.

sorry for a triple post, figuring out how images work on here. the pic above is the before from may 2014

here is a current pic from last week.

legs. didn’t go as planned due to a busy gym but got it done

anterior tibialis curls w/ resistance band

hack squats (icarian machine)
a 45+10lb plate per side
8 sets of 12

standing calf raise machine 10 sets total
set 1-6 2plates x10
set 7 and 8 3plates x6
9 and 10 1 plate x20

Bulgarian split squats w/ bands
5 sets of 20

db Romanian deadlifts super set w/ abduction machine

50’s x20 ss 80x20 for 4 sets

stepmill 10mins pre and post workout on level 6 (out of 20)

I’m going to take a rest day today. was supposed to do back/traps and tris. woke up ready to go but the roads are covered in ice. I could use the rest though.

here is my post workout meal from yesterday.

8oz lean beef patty
4 scrambled eggs
sweet potato
spinach and onions

ended up getting a back workout in today.

pull ups, medium neutral grip
10 sets bodyweight
set 1-6 x4
set 7-10 x3

one arm db row

70 4 sets of 10

shrugs (smith machine, behind the back)

8 sets total. reps went 50,40,30,20,20,30,40,50 started with a 35 on each side and added weight until I hit the sets of 20 then went back down

cable pullovers w/ rope
3 sets of 20-25

cable rows w/ rope pulling from the bottom cable position
3 sets of 15-20

band pull aparts
4 sets of 30

triceps was 3 sets overhead cable extensions 3 sets of rope pushdowns

did 10mins on the stairs low intensity pre and 20mins of intervals post.

after having a bunch of extra food yesterday my post workout weight was down a pound from yesterday. weighed in at 213.4

my main focus for back with be adding reps to my pull ups sticking w/ 10 sets of bodyweight at least until I can hit 10 reps for 10 sets. also looking to add weight to my dumbbell rows.

today’s workout performed at home

hindu squats

duration: 12mins total reps:

kettlebell swings (35lbs)

duration: 10mins total reps:

then did a few sets of single leg calf raises, anterior tibialis work abs and serratus

I didn’t log the last three days but I lifted all three. taking tomorrow off and good chance i’ll take sunday off also. i’ll try and keep logging here and there and will do it more if I get some feedback. i’ll try and get some food pics and progress pics.

I know I said I was going to be doing lower volume ‘strength’ training but that isn’t going to happen. I’m going to regulate my volume as to not burn out and slowly get stronger but doing low rep training and constantly trying to increase the weights is not agreeing with my body.

pic of my dinner sometime this week. jasmine rice, red beans, Peruvian spiced chicken and peppers/onions sautéed in avocado oil. topped on one half w/ a green chilli sauce and on the other some sort of Peruvian condiment.

back/traps and tris

10x4 neutral grip pull ups

db rows

80 2x8
70 2x12

barbell shrugs

135 5 sets of 25-30

low pulley cable rows w/ rope attachment

60lb 1x30
80 1x20

cable pull overs w/ rope ss band pull aparts

50lb 3x20 ss 3x20

did a few more sets of band pull aparts and messed around with some overhead shrugs. very awkward movement.

overhead cable extensions w/ rope

4 sets of 12-30 reps

rope pushdowns

10mins stepmill pre workout and 20min intervals post.


standing calf raise machine

2plates x12
3plates 4x8
double drop set on last set to 2plates for 10 and 1plate for 12

hack squat
1plate+25 per side 3x10
1plate+10 3x15
1plate 3x20

Bulgarian split squat w/ resistance band 4x30 per leg

Romanian deadlifts w/ db’s ss hip abduction machine

40’s x30 ss 85x30

3 sets of 50’s x20 ss 95x20-30

10mins stepmill pre and 10mins elliptical post. was going to do more stairs but the only stepmill was taken. dont’ really care for the elliptical, although it does seem to have some therapeutic benefits.

my post workout weight last week was hitting in the 209’s. I had a sudden jump from hitting about 213.

neutral grip pull ups

one arm db rows

80’s x10
60 4x15

smith behind the back shrugs

1plate 4x40

barbell rear delt rows ss straight bar cable pullovers

55lbs ss 70lbs 4x20

triceps I did overhead extensions and pressdowns on the cables. tried doing skull crushers ss w/ close grip bench but my right pec was feeling really off.

10mins stepmill pre and 20min intervals post.

feeling pretty beat right now. I haven’t taken a full day off in almost two weeks. the weather has been nice so I’ve been taking an hour walk almost daily. I had a bit extra food today and took a short nap

Crazy change in under a year! How old are you? Do you ever do any of the powerlifts?

[quote]heretolog wrote:
Crazy change in under a year! How old are you? Do you ever do any of the powerlifts?[/quote]

I’m 24.

I haven’t focused on barbell squat/bench/deads since high school.

before my chest injury and back problems I would go fairly heavy on dumbbell presses, db and bb rows, Romanian deadlifts, weighted pull ups/dips.

but right now everything is light weight, higher reps short rest.

at the beginning of may i’ll get up a true one year progress pic.


10min elliptical +dynamic stretching

standing calf raise machine

1plate 5x20

hack squat

1plate per side 10x20. the first five sets I kept the rest time under 60sec after that I kept it around 90, no more than 120.

DB Romanian deadlifts

40’s x30

50’s 4x20

20min intervals on the stepmill.

this past week I switched to doing an upper/lower split two days a week. this was my second leg workout of the week and tomorrow will be my second upper.

I have a tendency of trying to do to many things at once and not have a specific goal, so I have narrowed it down to two main goals

  1. lose weight. I want to be 200 or below by May 1st.
  2. increase body weight pull ups. I want to be able to do 10 sets of 10 with clean form. no specific time frame on this, but I will try to improve every week.

upper body

10 sets of 5 pull ups. first 7 sets were pronated, wide grip, last three sets medium supinated.

two arm db rows ss push ups

40’s x15 ss bodyweight x10 for 10 sets

2 sets of bent over rear delt raises w/ dbs 20-30 reps w/ 10s

2 sets lateral raises 40-50 reps w/ 10’s

incline db shrugs

4x30 w/ 30’s

two sets of external rotations and two sets of face pulls w/ resistance bands. all for 20 reps

10mins elliptical+ dynamic warm up pre

bike HIIT sprints post. 4 20 second rounds w/ as much time in between as needed. total time 10mins.

post 20 hour fast meal. sirloin, onions and sweet potatoes.

off day from the gym. i did a 4mile walk outside for cardio.

first weekend in a while i have stuck to my diet. the cheats were slowing down progress way to much. staying off the scale for a while and just going to do what i know i need to do to drop weight.

legs yesterday. was a bit short on time as I woke up a bit late but still got it in.

10mins stepmill+ dynamic stretching

100 hindu squats (been doing these before legs the last few weeks)

hack squats

1 45+25 per side x12
1 plate per side 9x20

reverse db lunges ss standing calf raise (smith machine) not sure how many sets I just set my stop watch for 20mins and kept the rest time to a minimum. probably got at least 8 sets, probably more.

upper today

incline db press ss inverted rows. think I hit 8 sets of each,

40’s x20 ss bodyweight x15

motto row
60lbs 5x15

cable crossovers (high to low)


one arm cable rows
60lbs 5x15

face pulls 5 sets

behind the back shrugs ss cable pullovers 4 sets

back extensions

10mins stepmill pre and bike HIIT sprints post. 9mins total 4 20 second sprints.

well after posting about not cheating on my diet this weekend I ended up binging Saturday night and cheating sunday. bad bad bad. I’ve really got to stop this. really slows down my weight loss as it will take me till at least wensday to undo the damage. I mean at the end of the week I will still have netted a loss but it is really unhealthy mentally and physically.


10mins stepmill level 6(of 20) +dynamic warm up

seated calf raises

5 sets of 20-30

reverse db lunges ss sissy squat machine

15’s x20 (per leg) ss bodyweight x20
30’s x15 ss bw x20
then 8 sets of 40’s x10 ss bw x20

one leg Romanian deadlifts w/ a dumbbell

35x20 for 2 sets
40x20 for 2 sets

20mins of intervals on the stepmill.

first five mins is level 5

then alternate one minute at level 13, one minute level 5

the last 4 minutes back to level 5.

lower back was tweaked so I took Friday, Saturday and sunday completely off. Monday I just did some outdoor walking, lifted upper yesterday and legs today. Friday I hit around 3k calories, about 4k Saturday and probably around 4k on sunday (didn’t track)…

post legs on last Thursday I weighed in at 210…post legs today (6 days later) 200…wtf. I’m guessing this is just a big fluctuation and i’ll be up to 206-208, but we shall see. on one hand it was nice to see a weight that low, haven’t seen 200 on a scale for almost 3 years exactly, but on the other hand I’m not happy with how I look at 200 AT ALL. mostly due to fat and loose skin on my love handles and stomach. gaining 50lbs and losing 70 in just over a year has not been kind to my midsection. fuck. plus I’m in that bf range where i’m too fat for much definition in the muscle, and at the same time too depleted for muscle fullness.

todays workout legs

10min stepmill dynamic warm up

anterior tibialis work w/ bands

seated calf raise
1 plate 4x20-30

hack squats
4x12 w/ 1 plate and a quarter per side
6x20 w/ 1 plate

reverse lunges (db’s)

25’s 5x20 per leg. might have actually done 6 sets

hip abduction machine
4 sets 1 drop set. didn’t even count reps very close, anywhere from 20-40 per set

20mins intervals on the stepmill