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Theiving Scum!

some scumbag stole my wallet yesterday from my place of work and went and spent 300 pounds before i noticed it was missing and cancelled my debit card. So anyway i got the details from my bank of all the transactions this bastard made using my card. i got times and locations. this morning i went to all the shops he visited and asked if they could check their surveillance systems. one of the shops has managed to get the fucker on camera and are gonna give me the still printouts from the video tape tomorrow. so the question is, if i recognise this guy as someone from my place of work, should i break their legs or be satisfied by seeing them hauled away with the police. the police are apparently dealing with it but i seem to have made more progress following my own lines of enquiry. i just cant wait to see the photos of the the thieving scum.
ok, rant over now.

I say you find him, beat him until you see the white meat under his skin, find some way to get away with it so he doesn’t know it was you, and then report him found bleeding in some alley so you can see him hauled away by the police. Go get that fucker!

I think you know the answer to that question. I don’t know about there, but in the States, you would just end up getting in trouble yourself (criminally and civally) if you do something to retaliate against this guy. You should just let the police handle it.

as good as wiping the guy out would feel, you’ll get more satisfaction from pressing charges with the police and filing internal complaints at work.
Seeing him arrested and fired while you are the innocent victim is much better than both being in court for different reasons.

you should probably be satisfied with the police hauling his ass away. But, the urge to do some damage might be tough to control. Anyway, just hope the fucker gets what he deserves and, maybe you’ll get a few shots in before the police arrive. you know, “he fell trying to run away”.

A sign of maturity is thinking of the consequences. You could give in to impulse and beat him down, but you might go to jail. If you can live with that possibility beat the hell out of him. If you have a good job and are headed good places in life then an assault charge might fuck it up. Let the police handle it! I know it sucks but thats life bad things happen what matters are the choices we make after they happen! Good and bad things will not stop until we leave this existance for the next and maybe not even then.
Hope you make the right choice for yourself!

What Elk said, plus, talk to your bank. It is entirely possible you’ll end up not having to pay for any of it.

Well if it was a co-worker and you really want to get even…tell your employer. I am sure they will fire his ass.

I know its “the concept that matters” but seriously… is 300 pounds worth 30 days in jail for a simple assault? I’ll bet after 10 days, you’d be willing to put up 500 to cut off the last 20 days :slight_smile:

Over here in the States that is a Federal crime and you can do some serious time for it although you would feel justified beating the shit of out this person if you were caught you may end up in as much shit as him.

of course you are all correct. i am not going to find this guy and make him chew his own teeth. i pick up the photos in a couple of hours so i am quite excited now. i will be pretty satisfied with seeing the cops haul him away.
sabrina, you are right. my bank say that i am covered for the lost money.
thanks to all for taking the time to post.