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their job!

i love reading everything on this site dont get me wrong and dont think im making fun of anything at all on here but, i was just wondering some stuff…

What kinda of education do the writers have? I know this is their job but they may have other jobs as well. i’m in school right now trying to decide on a major. Wondering if i should switch from accounting to something more like nutrition and training. i’d love to train professional athletes and stuff like that, i think it would be a kick ass profession. thanks, peace

this question has been answered several times. TC wrote an article a while back that profiled a good portion of the staff, plus he wrote an atomic dog that went discussed his educational background fairly thoroughly. Chris Shugart has also been very forthcoming with this info. I think if you dig around, you’ll also find some advice in reader mails, regarding good majors, etc.

Sorry if this post is incomprehensible. I’m tired.

Oh, okay. I didn’t think anyone would have posted about this so i didn’t bother looking. Sorry.