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Their Fate Is In Your Hands...

These culprits are now in my office. This is an actual photo of the death row inmates taken just minutes ago. To eat, or not to eat, that is the question before each of you, the jurors of T-Nation. Each of you has an equal vote that will decide their ultimate fate. Please cast your vote and add any appropriate arguments as you see fit. They are sentenced to be devoured at 13:00 EDT, Wednesday, April 4.

Let the deliberations begin…


Put the boot to them. Stomp them into the ground. It is more satisfying than eating them.

Eat one, and then stomp the other one.

I say without thought, without hesitation, grab those evil bastards and fling them out the window where a passing “bulker” might spy them and think it’s raining bulking gifts from heaven.


A compromise.

First find a svelte young women reminiscent of Jamie Eason. Smear the offending pastry over her body and then devour it off her. The amount of energy required for this, added in with the reulting activities that will follow, will offset the caloric evil.

And be sure and get it on film for us.

1st. off how’d they get in your office?
DB, I don’t know if your bulking/cutting or what, and how strict you are w/ your diet.
But lets say they ended up in your office b/c you bought’m.I say eat it. there is a reason you bought them; & it may be just the thing to give yourself a break.

Now on the other hand, if your always breaking your diet, why’s you buy it in the 1st place? you should know better.

So in the end, it depends on how thye got in your office.

Eat them…chow those little fuckers.

Do it.

Do it.

I need more info to decide. When was the last time you killed something like this? If it was more than 3 months ago, then I say go for it. If it was yesterday, then let them live. :slight_smile:

Eat it unless it has transfats.

/just to be different
//have free dunkin donuts bagels, muffins //and donuts at work
///donuts have 4 gm transfat :frowning:

There is but one question you must ask yourself before making the choice between eating the ring dings or destroying them. That question is…Do…I…have…milk?

You could do an American Pie on them. Yeah, that’s one vote to fornicate them.

Eat them, then purge them. Get the pleasure of eating them without the guilt of eating them.

Feed the homeless.

You should like, totally set them free, man. Everyone deserves to be free, even the delicious sugary treats! Let them roam in their natural habitat where they may live a long, artificially preserved life, or perhaps become food for their natural predator, the Faticus Assimus.

[quote]duece wrote:
You could do an American Pie on them. Yeah, that’s one vote to fornicate them. [/quote]

Make that two votes

Oh, come on! The paltry extra calories would hardly undermine any diet. Also, any insulin spike after said consumption would yield no fat gain if eaten alone. If you are worried about fat gains, go home and have sex with your missus.

In fact, that’s the best argument of all. Eat them and then have sex. Who can argue with that?

Use em for power. Whenever your fat boss tells you to do something you don’t want to do, tell her you’ll give her a nibble of your Ring Dings in exchange for doing no work.

Then eat those Ring Dings . . . . . .

Stick it in her butt.

I vote that you eat ONE, and have sex with the other. Post that on YouTube!!

Leave them in the kitchen and watch the office fatties fight over them.