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TheBird's Comeback!


Hi friends.
Im about to start my training for my final comeback. Soccer season starts mid-march, and I want to make it a year to remember.
I need help with my conditioning. For the past 3 months, I have been lifting big and have put on close to 8 kg of muscle. I would like to keep some of my new found strength and power, but I need help working out my new conditioning routine.

I was thinking;
2 intense skill work/ball work per week
1 30km bikeride per week
1 high intensity sprints per week
1 session of 400m runs per week
And of course I want to keep lifting, maybe 2-3 times per week.
How am I going to fit all of this in???


However you set it up, do make sure you're eating/sleeping enough to sustain this high level of activity


I wouldn't bike ride if I were you. Bike riding doesn't have anything to do with soccer training. If I remember you're semi-pro no? So you should have some pretty good endurance conditioning as it is, thus you don't need to train long distance.

I'd put in a day of plyos/vert jumping things like that instead. Or just find a way to get in a game somewhere, if you're not already playing.

That is a lot, but it's manageable if you break it up into AM and PM workouts. Most people who train for professional sports train 2 (sometimes 3!) times a day, 5 days a week.

Have fun!


Wait, I'll just add - you can def keep the biking if you enjoy it!

I train for soccer too, and I always do things that aren't particularly relevant to my footie training, but things that I find fun or just aimed at aesthetics...I only play amateur tho. lol!


Thanks Mr Maschrano.
The reason I try to keep cycling in the equation is about 3 years ago I was riding my bike to work and back everyday(60k in total every day), and I have never been fitter. Because its low impact, you can do it all season long without causing any ankle/knee pain.
Do you lift weights yourself? Im thinking of doing 2-3 weght sessions a week, with one session been dedicated to heavy squats or deadlifts(Ill alternate every 6 weeks or so).

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why not ask a soccer coach and trainer to put you on a program??

sports specific improvements means sports specific training....


Lol! I'm actually a Ms. Mascherano - that's me in the avi.

I do lift weights. I've just come off my fall season and have thus started Oly lifting. But yes, I was lifting heavy during off season, and then while on-season I did Defranco's WS4SB on-season training protocol. I took about 3 weeks to transition from lifting heavy to in-season training which was split between matches, practice, conditioning and 2 light weight lifting days. I ended up re-injuring my hamstring at the end of the season, so all I can recommend is that you get your working parts in order and do your mobility work, etc. before jumping into full games.

Whatever suits you re: the bike riding, as long as you feel good that's all that matters. And I agree w/ spk - don't you know any coaches or trainers that could help you put together a program?


Thanks Ms Mascherano. Your hot.
I might ask my PT, who used to play for Fulham, although I think he enjoys watching me lift big and getting big.
Anyway Ms Mascherano, where abouts do you live? Maybe we could get together and maybe do a bit of training together?

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She can eat breakfast with me if she likes. Oats and eggs.
Any constructive advice?


Lol! I don't eat breakfast. I eat Warrior Diet style.

Anyways, it doesn't seem like there's much to critique, bird. From what i see it looks like you got it down. Build muscle off season, start getting ready for game playing and maintain muscle pre-season, play soccer and (maybe) keep maintaining muscle while in-season.

Who's your PT? I follow the EPL, would I know him?


You wouldnt know him, he only played in the under 21s team before he decided to give it away.
Im still open to criticism/advice. I think I might start to do a deFranco like split for when preseason starts.
Where do you live Ms Mascherano? How old are you? Do you have a boyfriend?

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The scary thing is, I don't doubt for one minute that you're serious. You must really get women :smiley:


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That is the best shut-down ever. Seriously, I'm thinking of stealing this line.
The best part is that it's true though LMAO

Ah, I <3 Maschy
The funniest heart-breaker out there.


Roses are red
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Please train with me Ms Mascherano
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We will mae a good couple
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Together we will win the game
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Nobody wlll rid us of our fame
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As i stare in you eyes that are hazel

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you wanna make a comeback??? start training and stop trying to be a poet...


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Why in the FUCK are you off of my ignore list now?


I think the guy's so naive that he's not actually sure what is implied when you ask a lady to 'breakfast' :smiley: