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TheBird vs. Witch Doctor


Hi friends,
On the recommendation of my buddy, I visited a new remedial masseure this afternoon, who sprecialises in the "emmett technique". Im doing all I can to recover from a groin muscle strain.

An interesting experience, the witch doctor spent the first 20 minutes just walking around the table and occasionally resting a finger on me on particular positions, such as lower abs, hip flexors, shouler blades etc. I assume he was watching how my body moves as I breath?

The next 15 minutes he spent doing what I can only describe as muscle manipulations with his fingers. With his fingers at particular muscle insertion points he would quicly strike his fingers across the area. Almost like an chiropractic adjustment, but for the muscles.

And that was it. The whole experience was a bit weird and irky. There were moments of total silence where he would just look at me lying on the table. He now wants to see me next week for a deep tissue massage.

Anyone have any idea if this is going to work? Anyone have any similiar expriences?





Depending on the cost and how many sessions until I could feel better, I would either stop it or continue it. I am always open to new techiques, as long as they don't sound extremely stupid, such as squats on a bosu ball.


His relatively cheap, 25 bucks a pop. He says he only needs 2 sessions to realign my body which should help with the healing process.
He seems to sound like he knows what his talking about. He said my leg is out 10mm and my hip is out 20mm. He also told me that groin strains are the worse, especially ones like mine that are situated high up near the insertion on the pelvis.

Ive googled emmett technique and have found limited info. Im keen to go back to see him as he is rough and strong with his "handling" technique, so he might offer a decent deep tissue massage.



If you afford to blow, in the worst case, 50 bucks, go for it by any means. How exactly did he determine those numbers? 10 and 20 mm?


The second session better have a happy ending.


He said one leg was 10 mm longer than the other, and that hip on the same side was 20mm higher. This was his estimations just by looking at me lying on the table and doing his finger pointing thing. He then tried to explain it by saying that my hip joint must be out of place and it is "rolled".

He also told me the last time he worked on a weightlifter, the person good not get out of bed for 1 week. This morning I feel fine, and the groin strain is still there, so fingers crossed this deep tissue massage next week is going to be the bomb.




Well today I had the second treatment, which was a vigirous deep tissue massage. His strokes were fast, but hard. He concentrated on the neck as that is the "pathway from my brain to thr whole body".

Only time will tell if this is the miracle cure for my groin.



No happy ending?