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TheBird Visits Kuala Lumpur


Hi friends,

I have just booked a 5 day holiday to Kuala Lumpur for next week.
First time I have visited. Anybody visited before? What is there to do/see?

Thanks in advance.

Bird. Word.



I have not been there in more than a decade, but i understand the clubbing scene is still quite hot. A lot of places have a license to operate until 6am. Get a non-muslim guide or cab driver to take you around. MAKE SURE THE CAB DRIVER TURNS THE METER ON.

Places of interest would include the Batu Caves and, of course, the Petronas Towers.

If you are not into nightlife, you can go up to Genting Highlands for the casino and theme park.

The haze is quite bad at the moment so do take precaution.

Have fun!


Genting still has the casino but the outdoor theme park has been totally bulldozed.

You should be able to do a tree-canopy walk in Shah Alam, that'll be nice. Otherwise KL is mostly about eating and shopping.


Perhaps you'll get to see one of those Kuala bears in the wild.


But look out for the other bears.


Why would you book a holiday to someplace without knowing this in advance? What drew you to KL in the first place?

Did you just need a holiday and thought 'where to?' and another random thought said 'KL!'.

I'm curious about this.


It was pretty much a random decision. Have not had a week off for about 9 months, and we already have a longer holiday planned at Xmas time(3 weeks in Japan and Taiwan). Just needed to get away for a week so Asia was the obvious choice been close and relatively cheap.

Anyway, while booking the flights last night, the price of our tickets had doubled(was on sale only 12 hours before), so we changed plans and now we are doing the "Aussie " thing of going to Bali. I have never been there before although have heard lots about it. I think I would of preferred KL, but the price difference of flights was 400%, and hence not worth the money for just 5 days away.



That's winging it Birdy!