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TheBeth: How Do You Train?


This is another T-Nation call out.
Simply, I am impressed with your legs. i would be happy with a pair of those myself.
How do you train? How long have you been training for? What are you training for? What are your diet philosophies?



Die Empty.

Oops, I mean...



jeez i typed you a longass love letter answering all your questions but apparently i either clicked the wrong button or the mods deemed it un-post worthy.

Anyhow, thanks for the compliment on my thunder thighs. If you've ever seen James Bond: Goldeneye you'll get my inspiration.

My life philosophy is "If you're gonna go, then go all the way". For whatever I choose to take on, I leave my heart out on the floor and don't hold back. I powerlifted competitively for awhile and tore my ACL during the squat portion of a competition. I finished the meet and got a pretty decent total but I lost interest after my surgery and turned to MMA training. Now my training just prepares me for all the things i dig. Rock climbing, ice climbing, snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, free running, and then the manual labor side of things like cutting down trees and moving em, pushing cars out of snow and mud, etc

I am going to school for nursing, working full time and single-parenting fulltime. I don't have a set training schedule, instead i have a "quota".

Pullups: 350 total, sets of 10. dead hang to chin well above the bar.
Pushups: 700, nipples to floor, sets of 20-30
Squats: 170lb, 10r, 5sets
Deadlift(sumo): 170lb, 10r, 5 sets
hip thrusters: 165lb, 20r, 5 sets
hyperextensions: 20lb, 35r, 5 sets
Dips: 4 sets of 12

HIIT 3x a week:
Tire flips
50yd sprints x10

Shoulder work consists of facepulls and rear delt flyes, clean and press, and snatches - usually during HIIT
Core is side and front planks 3 times a week, with additional power core moves during HIIT.

I don't do biceps or calves.

I don't train for aesthetics or competition. Just because i like to be strong and powerful. And it's useful with my lifestyle.
I struggle with diet, mostly because i love to cook and bake so much but 80% of the time i follow an alkaline based eating plan of veggies, whey, fish, eggs, fruit, walnuts and sometimes almonds. I supplement with creatine ethyl ester, fish oil, rhodiola, b-complex, tyrosine, dopa mucuna, and chromium. I'm constantly experimenting with diet methods like IF, CBL, fasting, and juice fasts to see what works best for me. I don't care about seeing the veins in my abs. And i don't want to be miserable so I don't obsess anymore.

TheBird is the word....or so i've heard.


Oh yeah, i forgot floor presses and rows. I go as heavy as i can stand on those for 3 sets of 10-12. Usually 55lb dumbells for the rows and 60-65 for the floor presses.


Damn, thats work. Do You! I never seen a woman who had this philosophy or work ethic in the same person. Did you see the video, it fits your personality. I don't even work this hard. I got work to do.


Thats a different way of training. Impressive though.

How many sessions in the gym does that take you? How often are you rock climbing etc?
Why do you only do floor dB presses. Why not bench dB presses?

Tell us more about you diet philosophies. What is your reasoning behind the alkaline thing? Does that mean tomatoes are out?
You supplementation list contains things I have never heard of such as dopa mucana. Care to explain?

Bird. Word.



No actually I get everything she is saying. I train almost in the same manner but without the HIIT. Diet the same as well. I'm a powerbuilder and compete. Just giving her compliment becuase not a lot of woman or men for that matter get what she does. I developed my stature in teh same manner and maintain it well by having weekly requirements. I need to add in more HIIT style work. The rep counts can vary day to day to hit the total number for her weekly goal. I do the same with pushups and pullups.

Again nice work TheBeth.


Thanks guys!

The floor presses I adopted from my powerlifting training routine. I do it to protect my shoulders and really focus on the squeeze with my pecs. I feel like it isolates them more than bench training does. Mainly, I do them just to stay adapted to heavy weight - and in case I need to lift a log off my chest or some such.

What you see in my routine is the bare minimum of what MY body needs to stay in top condition. I could do more but why? I make it to the gym 3 days a week max and limit myself to 2 hours to get everything done that has to do with weights. At home I have my tire, a set of gymnast rings hanging of the deck and a pullup bar inside. At work I have a pullup bar I brought in and a mat to do pushups and planks.

The alkaline diet in a nutshell proposes that our bodies are constantly working to adjust ph to maintain homeostasis. Thus if a person is constantly eating sugar, processed, and acidic foods (such as meat), the body has to work harder, acids are buffered away into stored fat, and the body is unable to achieve optimal health due to this workload and lack of available nutrients. If the body is constantly working to deal with the acidic foods then it won't release fat because fat is where it's storing this crap till it can deal with it.

A person won't have optimum energy and strength levels for the same reason. To boil this philosophy down even more, it's just eating clean with a scientific basis, that's all. However, the stress of high intensity workouts creates an acidic environment in the body as well, which makes it extra important to take care of things on the diet end. If I eat meat it's the fish and eggs I mentioned or game meat such as deer or moose, which luckily is plentiful up here in the north woods. I stay away from dairy other than the occasional cottage cheese or greek yogurt.

When I started this diet plan, I dropped 15lb in two months with no other changes. Protein stays between 90-120g per day, I never count carbs just eat them around workouts and keep it common sense, I do eat a lot of fat, probably close to 80g a day. Maybe a little more. I try to get 8 servings of veggies in shake form, through my juicer, or raw/steamed.


cool vids! why cant these chicks have sweat soaked shirts sticking to their curves, with scrapes from the deadlift bar...bruises from the tire...and the hair - the way it really looks after you've left it all out on the training ground. haha


Interesting diet philosophy.
By looking at your legs I would of thought you get more protein.

How about steak? You must eat a lot of fish? Are some vegetables more alkaline than others?
Could you please let me know of your diet on a typical day?


Bird. Word.



Even when I was going all out to prepare for competition I never went above 150g protein/day. I don't subscribe to mainstream theory about protein overload. Besides, Im not a dude who has significantly more Test and can supplement test to increase protein synthesis and optimize that protein overload. Even though Ive always been buck-strong, those gym legs came from a decade of focus in the gym. Genetically I'm a classic endomorph.

A typical day starts with a shake containing carrot, spinach, cucumber, ginger root, scoop of whey, 2 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp powdered greens, cinnamon, 1/4 c almonds, and maybe 1/2 c sweet potato. I blend that up with 1/2 c almond milk and 1.5c water. I workout in the a.m usually so after the workout I'll have som simple carbs like a slice of homemade bread and a banana along with another scoop of whey.

My last meal of the day is a plate piled with veggies (asparagus is my fav), an apple and 3 eggs mixed with humus plus 1/4 c cottage cheese. I eat fish 3 times a week so that might be dinner. I work 12 hr shifts and I work 6 in a row with 8 days off so it's a challenge.


I eat tomatoes raw, cooking them makes them more acidic during digestion. I eat steak if its presented to me at someone's house or whatnot but that's like once a month. I climb every week during the summer, and during the winter I snowboard probably 2 hours a day, 3-4 days a week. Ice climbing is usually an all day event once a month. I fit that stuff in whenever I can.


Oh my I remember that...


I'd seen your quads around, and I'd been thinking of starting a thread for you to see if you'd tell us how you train. The Bird beat me to it!

Wow - Your training is impressive. Legs look amazing, Beth. Thanks for sharing.


What kinds of routes do you climb? Do you go mostly outdoor or is there a good climbing gym around as well? I used to do some climbing back when I was like 30lbs lighter lol. I always liked bouldering the best.


Have you ever seen the movie Shutter Island? I climb where the cliff scenes were filmed in Mount Desert Island, Maine. So local, I don't go anywhere crazy like the Grand Canyon. We have climbing gyms but I'd rather be outside. Ice climbing is usually in the western mountains and involves a pretty lengthy hike up a mountain to where the ice walls are.


Have you tried any of the supposedly alkalizing drinks, like baking soda and lemon water or is it just diet?


Thanks Puff :wink:. Or should I say...Orion?? That's right, I'm on to you!

Bpick86: I have tried the baking soda thing but its kinda gross. My mouth felt super clean and fresh though! Lemon I put in my water bottles for the nutrients as taste. I don't go overboard with the alkalizing thing. Everything I do has to be sustainable because my life is nuts.


The whole alkalosis/acidosis is very interesting to me. Bird, here is a site that explains this awesomeness and a list of foods: http://rense.com/1.mpicons/acidalka.htm


theBeth I think I am in love with you. Or maybe just you'er thighs or maybe your quads. I do not know yet. You'er training is great but I must admit what I am most impressed with is that you are a student,mom,full time worker and you still manage to work out three times a week. Anyways you definitely have those knockout thighs that Brian Johnson (ACDC) spoke so highly of.


Haha this reminds me of Dana Lynn? Linn? Bailey and every one of her videos. Her hair and makeup are impeccable in every one of her videos. I am also in love with her.