Theanine Availability?

Stupid question, but can I find Theanine (the sleep aid mentioned in Don Alessi’s Iron Dog column), at a “normal” store like GNC or something? Has anyone tried taking it with ZMA? Is ZMA sufficient, or does the combination of Theanine compound the effectiveness??


I feel your pain. Metaform makes a ZMA products with L-theanine in it. So you get the double whammy. Remember this above all.
Supplements work different for everyone.
ZMA makes me sleep like a baby. Creatine does nothing for me. Tribex-makes me feel like I have 10 pound balls. And MAG-10 makes me want to strap on an rifle and Literally swim to the middle east.
My friends balloon 5 pounds in two days while on creatine and they say tribex does not work.
But we all agree on mag-10.
Bottom line(sorry about getting off track) search for the single amino acid or just buy metaform. It is the same product as biotest except added l-theanine. Just look for SNAC systems on the label and you know it is legit.
If it works for you go for it. I love it! If your looking for something to help you recover also I take a tablespoon of flax seed oil with the zma at night and about 20-25 grams of protien. This works for me very well and I sleep very very good just like when I was a teenager.

I would try vitamin world. Life extension foundation sales it also. I’ve used in the metafornim product and it works very well.

Life Extention Foundation

Jarrow sells it.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I’ll take a look…

DR_KJ, I know what you mean man. I laughed so hard at your description of creatine, as I thought I was the only one who experienced the same feeling!

Yeah Mag-10 does give you that urge to help out the war effort doesn’t it? What say we convince the army to ship the boyz a few crates of the stuff? They’ll be mopping up caves faster than Martha Stewart!

I’ll try out that protein+flax seed along with the ZMA though…thanks for that suggestion.

American Bodybuilding (ABB) has theanine in their ZMA product. You can order it on any of those websites that sells supplements like netrition or affordablesupplements, or dpsnutrition.