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theador bomba

i was thinking about picking up his “serious strength training” book…any thoughts? does anyone have it?

i’ve heard some good things about him (from a different site) but i was wondering what you guys thought of him. he seems to know his stuff. however, i’m not exactly as well read in these topics as some of you are.

“Theador,” huh? A search for Tudor Bompa might turn up an interview here at T-Mag…

You are referring to Tudor Bompa. Good book, he offers some good insight. He does, however, take some flack from Mel Siff and his followers about a few topics, and I talked with a few people at the NSCA headquarters who believe some of his ideas are flawed. In my opinion, still one of the better coaches out there.

Advocates western periodization. He was largely responcible for popularizing it. Not inventing it as he claims. There are better books to read.

While I would never use Tudor Bompa’s information as the sole determinant of any program, I think he adds another useful piece to the bodybuilding and athletic training puzzle.

Personally, I would never follow any of his advice. The guy is selling the concept that you HAVE to train beyond failure for muscles to grow and that high carb/low fat (less than 15% fat) is the way to go. Good advice if you’re on 3 gr of test a week, but to a natural trainer not so good.

I would rather buy something from Mell Siff, Bill Pearl, or just wait for Brian Haycocks book.

Tudor Bompa has been a one of the driving forces behind popularizing periodized training in Europe and the US.
The book is WAY better than the Muscle and Fitness type of programmes
-the implementation of the EMG studies in this book
-and the Recommendations for the “Cutting” phases are faulty though…
With your level of knowledge on these topics I would go for it! It is a great learning experience to engage in periodized training! And it is one of the most effective ways of improving looks and strength!
Chek out:

Bompa is the biggest western periodization homer around. So if you like western periodization, you’ll like this book. Even if you’re not a fan of western periodization, it’s still got alot of good info, although too many pictures of bodybuilders.

I haven’t read his book, however from what I have read of his, I’d say, if you would be likely to buy into everything he says, bombast and all, then avoid the book. But if you can overlook the bombast and remain skeptical on various points where it seems wise to you do to so, then most likely there is a lot of good information in his book as well as the dubious assertions.

I bought this book a while back when I firs started lifting. Even at that time when I still knew little about weight training I could see this book was crap. Don’t waste your money.