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Any of you normally nice, easy going people find that when you start training real hard that you start to get downright angry/intimidateing? I’m not talking about those fatigued, possibly overtrained blues. No, I’m talking about the kind of feeling that makes you turn into an animal. It makes you feel maliciously powerful. It makes you feel unstopable, dangerous. Normally you’d be this understanding, helpful person who didn’t mind the occasional roadbloack a weaker person/friend put in your way. You’d try to help them. You are polite, caring, and supportive. Then you set to a task. A week goes by and you realize you have less time for other peoples problems. A little further down the road and someone cuts you off while you are trying to pick up some food in the grocery store- you actually turn a bit red and surprise yourself. Even further along and you realize that if weaker people couldn’t make it, “well then let them die”. Dam man we are only talking about getting to work on time and I’m saying to myself, “let nature sort them out.” Today I was doing my HIIT and visualizeing a huge lightening fast train (me) running over people who couldn’t get out of my way. WOW! Should I lay off… or should I give in? How about you T-Nation?


your pills, your pills

What are you supp’ing with?

I get like that on “Testostrogain”

GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Angry Cupcake! ANGRY!

I hate it but I like it too…

“When I am right, I get angry. Churchill gets angry when he is wrong. We are angry at each other much of the time”

~ Charles de Gaulle

I hear you…I get sort of crazy when i lift. Sometimes i make noises, allthough i feel embarassed if anyone were to say anything to me i would probally punch them. Also if i lift less than i did the week previously i usally get very angry and want to punch or hit something. It’s all about the mental preparation though. If you go into the gym thinking like a pussy, you’re going to lift like a pussy. If you go in tough you lift like a champ.

BTW when i say lift like a pussy i don’t mean that you’re weak or can not lift a lot, i mean that you wont life as much as you can do personally and its all about beating personal goals to get stronger and stronger!!!

All the time bro. Especially on the road. Slow drivers DIE!!! hehe.

Sometimes I get so agitated, I have to find one of those …automatic punching machines…", and break it!