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The 'Zone'

Came across something interesting today. I was at the gym for a light back and heavy biceps day. I was nearing the end of my workout (about the second to last exercise), and I felt this sudden rush of adrenaline, and then I felt (I don’t know what you would call it) rage/anger. I was pissed off for no reason. I guess I was in the “zone” for a short while. The thing is, though, I didn’t do anything different than what I normally. My food intake was just about the same as usual, I’m not a stim junkie or anything (I had ONE scoop of White Flood) - just kind of weird.

So my question to you guys is: how do I keep in the “zone”? Do you guys ever have the same experience that I did? This is the first time that it’s happened. And to be quite honest, I don’t even remember much of my workout.


Ed coan channeled his soul to you because he could sense you needed it at that time.

I usually just freebase some creatine pre-workout, it amps me up like no other.

[quote]black_angus1 wrote:
I usually just freebase some creatine pre-workout, it amps me up like no other.[/quote]
You use a lightbulb for that right? Hollow out a lightbulb, take creatine and maybe a little bit of your pre-workout, and vape the shit out of it, HST-style?

I just inject muscle milk into my traps

[quote]Achilles of war wrote:
I just inject muscle milk into my traps[/quote]
And you have to hit a blood vessel every time otherwise it doesn’t count

I head-butt things. Especially the bar.

[quote]PlainPat wrote:
Ed coan channeled his soul to you because he could sense you needed it at that time.[/quote]

I need to lift by myself. Or I need to be able to zone everyone else out and focus solely on me-and-the-bar.

I need music. Not much in the way of words… I need it to be fast… Usually techno type music. Not stuff I’d normally listen to, but I think it is about getting me sort of bopping along which somehow helps my body wake up and increase my heart rate. Sometimes yelling / rock stuff will do it… Angry vibes… But for me it is more about fast fast FAST beats.

I need to feel like I can fucking yell the house down and put everything into it. Like… Pee myself trying if that is what it takes. Hence the alone-ness aspect of it for me, I guess.

It is a feeling I regularly find when I train by myself.

In fact… That adrenalin / those endorphins… Is why it is that I train.

Some of the stuff on ‘flow’ might help:

This is a bit different…

But sometimes I get a high type feeling from doing a lift. Have you ever puffed on Nitrous Oxide like at the dentists or recreationally or something? Or rush? that sort of… can’t even see… Just feeling the high feeling the high. sort of like an orgasm.

apparently that is to do with the valsalva (sp??) maneuver when you aren’t used to it. the intraabdominal pressure thing… happens for me sometimes with deadlifts or powercleans. especially if i haven’t done them heavy for a while.

I find a week long break from training heavy with low volume assistance then a couple of spike on a day I want to max out will get me in the zone no matter what happens to me that day. In fact, if I take 3 of those suckers, I’ll get tunnel vision the moments right before a max deadlift.


I listen to ETTheHiphopPreacher when I’m doing main lifts. Been doing that for about 2 months now. Oh, and some Ray Lewis on my way to the gym. Thank goodness for youtube converters (y)

look at nikki benz videos pre workout, trust me

^^^X2, actually just look at them any time during the day