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The ZMA Difference

I took ZMA for the first time last week and can’t believe the difference it has made. I’m usually pretty much in a constant state of soreness. I’m on a 3 day a week workout schedule (2 upper body, and one lower body routines) so that I can allow plenty of recovery time. I’ve always been afraid to use Surge because of my diabetes, so I usually just stick with protein after workouts. I space the upper body workouts with at least 2 to 3 days recovery. Last week I started ZMA and I don’t have the usual soreness (very slight). Slept great too. I can’t believe that I waited so long to try it, but I’m now concerned that this could lead to overtraining. I’m going to continue with the status quo for a couple more weeks, but will be changing my routines soon. With the reduced recovery time, I was thinking of beefing up my program a bit. I guess my question is, how best to gauge whether or not I’m overtraining?

greg i find it is best to judge over training by stagnation of lift poundages and wieght increases, general lethargy, decreased appetite, possible insomnia, bad doms all the time. There are others but those should give you an idea.

Sorry to change your thread slightly but whilst on the subject tof ZMA can anyone advise whether the Biotest formula is any better than the one put out by Twinlab or EAS. I ask because whilst the other brands are more readily available in Europe, I only want to use the best.

As far as overtraining goes I think this is down to your diet, age, training age and genetics. Good signs of overtraining are loss of interest in working out and feeling constantly run-down.