The YouTube Thread

Post youtube videos in this thread. I’ll start it off.

Cop shoots himself with a tazer.


Nasal irrigation (NWS right at the end)

Cop shoots himself in the leg during gun safety demonstration

50 Cent is a pussy (some of the comments on this clip are hilarious)

Prejudice against stocking wearers

lmao at the stocking guy

[quote]Regular Gonzalez wrote:
50 Cent is a pussy (some of the comments on this clip are hilarious)


That video wasnt that funny, really. Fuck, if I got shot 9 times and lived. I probably wouldnt deem myself a pussy.

That, and theres probably a reason why “nice peter” is at the level he is, and theres probably another reason why 50 cent is at the level he is.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
lmao at the stocking guy[/quote]

LOL. Yeah, that shit was funny.


Surf kayaking world championships.

Although I cant do the crazy moves these guys do, its still a shitton of fun.

If anyone said these kinds of things they would get sued.

The videos in my favorites:

Randy Couture Training (to Rocky IV soundtrack):

Russian liquid bodybuilder:

Trunk monkey compilation:

Zanshin Genesis Le Parkour and Freerunning

Koy, Jo - Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza!, Vol. 4

Russian Climbing

Cirque du Soleil performer training:

Matrix (Mortal Kombat Mix):

Raymond Daniels vs. Brian Ruth (point sparring):

Raymond Daniels vs. Kim Do (point sparring):

Karate monkey:

Jim Carey - Karate instructor:

Jim Carey - Aerobics instructor:

Jim Carey as Rocky Balboa:


Celebrity Jeopardy - Sean Connery Montage:

Celebrity Jeopardy - Sean Connery Montage 2:

Anyone who likes hockey will love this…and even if you don’t, the skill has to be appreciated:

This one is insane:

World’s Best Tricks Volume 3

The answer to all life’s problems…

Winning hearts and minds…

Well y’all can check out me bothering my roommate if you want. B-) Good times. Even busted out some solid moves! Or so I convince myself…