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The Youth of America

kids are pussies now too, its sad.

northern cali.

Parents suck, not all, but enough of them. They dont want to be a parent, they want to be their childs’ best friend.
I had a aunt this way, she worried more about being cool in her kid’s eyes then enforcing any discipline.
Because of the whole “PC” environment and especially after Columbine, you (as a student) don’t dare call some kid out at school for being fat, you’ll get your ass thrown into sensitivity training, or should it be called “re-education class.”
Then you’re called a bully and labeled for life, never having a chance for political office.
I was skinny in school, made fun of once in a while, but hey, THATS LIFE!!! Thats what I was told, by my dad, who was a teacher.
I had milk at every meal, shit, I pissed my pants with joy if I was able to have a Coke while I was out to eat with my mom at a resturant. My day was made if I got a cookie after school for a snack before dinner.
Oh, and for you parents, no not the smart ones that read this website, your daughter does NOT look “cute” in her half shirt and hip hugging pants with rolls of fat hanging out. She looks like a PIG and you as a parent look like a clueless F@$K!!! Oh yeah, yes, you mom, the one with the sloppy looking kid, you’re a slob too!!!
I actually saw a pick up game of football the other day while going to the gym. Damn, my buddies and I, every day after school used to play football. Hell, every season we played the sport that fit.
I work as a trainer at a local health club. The club now offers twice a week, a Kids Fit Camp. No shit. Organized play time I call it. They also have a YogaFit for Kids class, taught by some chubby girl. Is this good?? Well, maybe these kids don’t have any friends that have time to play. SAD. So I guess these classes are better then nothing but I still wonder…My best memories of being a kid are riding my bike aimlessly around. Can’t do that now, how “functional” can that be? That won’t look good when you’re applying to college now a days. Aimless, unsupervised, non-coached time when you were a child? Thats grounds for DCFS to take you away from your parents.
I train two kids, one is in 8th grade, the other is a Freshman. The 8th grader is a sharp kid, intelligent beyond his years. But Christ Almighty, every minute of every day is planned. I asked him if he has time to do nothing and he just shrugged and said “not really.” In 8th grade I think I was destroying my old cars I played with in years past with fireworks.
I really don’t think kids learn about “life” anymore. No, not the “PC” shit that is driven into kids brains at schools. I learned more on my own about life then I think in structured environment. Yep, I had to adapt to my surroundings. Now kids go cry to mommy and the same sloppy mom with the fat kid files a lawsuit saying that her daughter was, now pick one: harrassed, intimidated, discrimated against or some bullshit.
I lived with my dad from 6th grade on. The fear of the back of his hand was instilled in me. I screwed up, paid for it also. Its called c-o-n-s-q-u-e-n-c-e-s. Now most kids today don’t know shit about that word since most parents seem to shield their little fat Susie or slacker Johnny from that ideal. I can’t let my child be harmed they’ll say. We can’t let our childrens self image be damaged they’ll cry with some other toad brain parents at some school board meeting.
Did you know that schools are now being sued for posting the names of Honor Roll students? Wanna know why? Because THE OTHER students that didn’t make the Honor Roll “are hurt and upset.” Yep, happened in Tenn. Some law relating to a students privacy and test scores is now being twisted around by the “PC” establishment. Most of my friends and I never made the Honor Roll. Did we cry? No. We all turned out normal.
It seems the parents that do things the right way are being shout over by the ones that suck, like fat Susie’s ho-ho eating mom.
One last rant, my place of employment, a park district run health club just signed a 8 year deal with Pepsi so clients can now run to the vending machines to suck down a nutritionally complete Mountain Dew, setting an example for their just-starting-to-plump-out 9 year old!

I agree with what everyone has said so far, even the part about having a band called Cheese bong!

Oh, and I forgot a very scary thought. What happens when all these kids grow up to be parents themselves?

I’m not so sure that it’s just “kids today.” I’m 24, and I think it may have started with my generation when Nintendo, Sega, then later Playstation and X-box BLEW UP!!! I have friends who lift, but other than that, trying to get them to anything physically active is like pulling teeth. They seem to take more pride in winning @ Madden than in winning on a real field.
Although, the younger kids are probably worse. I was a sub. teacher for a few years, and I agree with P-dog. So many of the little fuckers would refuse to play anything. There was, of course, the small group of athletic kids, but for the most part the little porkers wanted to sit in the bleachers. I did notice that alot more girls wanna play, but alot of the guys don’t.
As far as what kids eat? It’s a disgrace. My cousing feed my little cousings slop. Just plain slop. McD’s, Burger King, sugar cereal. I feel bad, cause at 8, the girl isnt fat, is pretty tall and I think, has athletic potential. But with 2 overweight parents and those eating habits, coupled with the fact that she will sit infront of the TV with Nicklodian on, in a TRANCE, for hours, i think she’s doomed. They have a son, about 2, the kid is gonna be huge, but they’re making him into a pussy too.
And I love PS2 and X-box once in a while too (although i prefer Sega mastersystem) but at some point you gotta get out and do something. If it rains, READ A FUCKIN BOOK, dats how ya learn stuff, yo.
So, P-Dog, I feel ya. Sometimes I used to wanna punch these little lazy faccia di marda’s in the brain for just wanting to play pokeman or read the cheat codes for some inane game.

This concludes my irratic and venomus rant. Grazie

Jesus Christ, what a bunch of old people with inferiority complexes. For Chrissakes, you guys are the pathetic ones! Reread your thread! You bitch and bitch about how awful other people’s kids are, and what an awful job parenting other people are doing. Why do you care?

Does it knock your life one notch lower down on the ladder if someone else’s kid is fat? Does it bother you THAT MUCH that a nine year old girl is overweight? Jesus, you all remind me of my grandmother. Let the people across the street be the people across the street.

^ The above are the thoughts of an average weight fifteen year old, who enjoys sports AND videogames.

Sorry, i meant cousins, i guess i should read a book. ;O)

No offense, LoneLobo, but explain something to me: why did I smile inside and thank heaven when I saw the neighborhood kids playing a game of baseball – OUTSIDE! – my God! It was such a rare sight that I actually slowed down and watched them for a minute or two. Face it, bro… your generation is fucked. Right in the ear. You are not an average 15 year-old, you are on this website, and are a contributor. How many other kids your age take such an interest in their own health and fitness? All of us old farts applaud, and wish there were more like you… as you can see from this rant-driven thread.

Brad, can I be the drummer for cheese bong?

(Homer)mmmmmmmm cheese whiz aaaaaaaghghgh,

Lobo, your post was full of balls and I loved it. You’ve got a bright future, at least on this forum. Unfortunately, your wrong. Here’s why:

  1. Some people care about other people. Yes! It’s still possible! Look at the posts written by people who are teachers. They truly want to do all they can to help these kids learn, so they can do well in life. That means the kids will grow up to be happy, intelligent, contributing members of society. These, uh, unintelligent parents are severly compromising that.

  2. Remember what I just said about being contributing members of society? Well, no matter how they turn out, if they are still alive they are going to be a part of society in some way. And the problem with societies is that if not everyone in the society agrees on major issues, the minorities get pushed out.
    That means us, bro. Think about steroids. Think about ephedra, prohormones, and next it’ll probably be creatine. People will think we’re monsters for NOT being fat. We’re going to be over-aggressive because we play friendly sports but we gasp enjoy winning! It’s gettin ugly.

Don’t believe me? Watch it happen, bro.

How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?,

Personally, I agree with you guys really strongly. That bullshit “The point of a game is to have fun!” line makes me sick every time I hear it, and the fact that putting all the smart kids in one class or all the good kids on one team is “elitist” makes me nauseated. I think America is killing its children. However, there’s a difference between what I think is good in the short term and how that affects the larger picture. For instance, the Patriot Act. It looks pretty good in context, but then you consider what it gives the Govt. the right to do and the precedents it sets, you realize it’s an abomination.

In the same way, second guessing and critiquing other people is good in a limited sense, but if everyone did it all the time to everything, we’d all get pissed as hell. While we may know a lot about fitness and health, those people probably know more about something than us, and the thought of those fatasses telling how to do anything sickens us, while the thought of us (Health Nazis, from their POV) telling them how to do anything disgusts them.

Essentially, this just turned out to be a Golden Rule post. Mostly I wrote my first post because I was pissed about my parents always telling me what I’m doing wrong, and now I’m trying to defend my point, which wasn’t a great one to start with. :slight_smile: Oh well, go down with the ship, right?

Anyways, to conclude on a better note, what I’m considering as my big push for college notice and community service is to begin a nutrition/health education program for younger kids implemented in the schools. No more oyster crackers and donuts for snacks, today we’re having almonds and chicken!

I’d also like to start a youth-based weight training program to reach out to 6th-8th graders and get them some basic lifting information, plus nutrition/eating to grow shit. With the way Americans eat now, most of these kids have armpit hair by seventh grade, so their T-levels should be pretty much freakin juiced. I’m sure that if kids were taught like about combining P+C and P+F at an early age, and why to stay away from HFCS, PH Oils, etc., we’d see a lot less fat ass kids ordering two Big Kids meals at McDonalds. (True story)

Did you talk to him? How do you know he isn’t on the local high school football team?


  1. Majority of y’all didn’t have Televison programming similar to this day and age.

  2. You didn’t have video games at all

  3. There wasn’t the extradorinary amount of garbage that’s passed off as food for you to eat.

  4. It is your generation that has let being overweight and obese become acceptable.

  5. Finally, what are you doing to change this? I’m reading about how friends and relatives disgust you with their parenting habits but I failed to notice even one post saying about how they involved themselves.
    I know it’s not easy.

This is how you ensure the health of your children.


Ryan Mayo,

I was favorably impressed with your post, which is fairly rare in the “off topic” section.

If we have a society where most people are fat, then “wrong” becomes “right”. When this occurs then right has to become wrong, at least in the eyes of those who were wrong (or fat) to begin with.

Unfortunately, this will occur in other areas of our society, as well. Think about it.

Who do think is going to pay for all of those overweight, out of shape kids when they grow up to be fat, sickly, disabled adults that do not contribute to society? WE DO. All those who are able to work because we stay in shape and hold down jobs. All of us who pay taxes and pay for all the lazy slobswho think it is their right to be fat slobs and live on disability and welfare, getting their expensive healthcare paid by medicaid, even though their illnesses were mostly brought on by their being fat and lazy.

You need to look at the big picture. I personally don’t care if they wallow and drown in their puddles of fat, but it becomes very frustrating when I have to work 2 jobs so I can pay for my own kids to be healthy and athletic(football, ski club, ice and roller hockey,soccer, baseball, etc.)AND to support the lazy slobs of this country. I should have the ability to say something about this, but I don’t. It infringes on their right to be fat and lazy and their right to waste my money.

Sorry, but this seems to have struck a nerve. I can’t wait for my son to get home from school so we can hit the weights. It is DE bench day.



  1. He man, Thundercats,Scooby Doo, they paved the way for todays cartoons and age targeted programing, and we still found time to get off our ass and play.
    2.Nintendo, Atari once aganin paved the way for your generation. Once again found time to get off our asses.
  2. Thats trash, you were not alive when snorting pixi-sticks, eating nutterbutter, and pretending to smoke candy cigaretts ruled the playground. We had the same gas station junk you have today.
    4.True, but what generations webb sites do you visit, what generation has put in work for your supplements that you down every day like a good T-Man shoul be doing. What generation is putting in work on dietary standards for the future. Yes, we older cats place the blame, but think about the generation before us and look at their habbits and tell me how screwed up their deep fried diets were.
    5.Not one post Hmmmm., P-Dog & My wife are teachers ,I guess their posts dont count. I guess setting the example in how WE live OUR lives is not enough. When people come up to you and tell you that you look good,the next thing out of their mouth is" How do you do it,".Usually and explanation comes after. We all do our part and I have faith in the fact that most people here are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and share their knowledge with peers,co-worders, family friends and family.

T-Men I feel obligated as a man of T to take it upon myself to reach out to this kid and see if I can have some kind of positive impact the next time I see him in the gym. I do care and I shudder to think of an American society full of unhealthy fat people enslaving us T-Men. Forcing us to work endlessly to pay taxes for their medical problems. Stemming from earlier years of gorging themselves on McDonalds and watching Cartoon Network Marathons while living there sports dreams through X-box. By the way I am going to expect to be cut in on profits from “Cheese Bong” I should probably look into a copyright.

I think that you are all right about the chirldren of today…however i attend a public universtiy and i must say that the rec center is a bitch to get in…b/c it is so full, and not just the preacher benches and benches (although on mon-wed fri) its damn near impossible to get on a bench…, but the other day i had to weight ten mins. to get on a fuckin squat rack…and theres 6 of them!! So what i guess im saying is hopefully these younger kids will see the importance of fitness before its to late, like it seems alot of people in my generation have.