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The Youth of America

I went to the gym yesterday and as I often due I went to get a quick sip of water before returning to my training. Well on my way up to the water fountain I glanced over and saw this kid somewhere between the ages of 13-15 in the lounge area waiting on his mom who was probably in a nearby areobics class. What was really disturbing was I saw him there at the end of my workout a good thirty minutes later still sitting there, playing on his laptop. The second time I noticed he was hitting what I believe was a can of cheese whiz or instant cheese chasing it with a pepsi. All that time he could have been working out, not neccessarily lifting, just doing some kind of exercise period. Instead of taking hits from the cheese bong. It seems thats all youth want to do today is play video games and eat crap. When I was growing up I was told to go play outside by my parents and encouraged to play sports and be physically active. I think kids in the future kids will be born with heads and hands. So they can play video games all day hooked up to a machine that pumps them full of Mountain Dew.

very true HH82, i am 23 and in my young days he-man, thundercats & inspector gadget were only on certain days of the week and all other times it was a case of outside in the garden or park paying footy (soccer that is) or playing IT

Nowadays my nephews are all glued to the telly cos of the fuckin kids channels that go on for 24/7 and if it ain’t that it’s the games consoles.

I love playing on consoles and still do but not when i was 7 or 8.

This seems to be an ongoing trend with the youth of today and it sucks. Mostly all of these bad habits, kids pick up stem from their parents lack of involvement. Blame it on work schedules or whatever, no one wants to take the time to be involved with their children and that’s wrong. Unless it was raining, snowing or otherwise nasty outside, I was told to go out and play. I take the same approach with my 2 kids (girls ages 10 and 8). I take them out to skate, swim and even got them into boogie boarding last summer. They like being active. They would rather be doing something outside than cooped up in the house all day. Fortunately, they are healthy eaters too. That comes from my strict diet but they don’t mind. They get their treats also but it’s not everyday. We cook meals, have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in the house and we try to eat together at least 5 days a week. It’s called involvement and children need it. If not we are just creating obese, lethargic monsters.

you should see them at schools today. a lot of kids refuse to participate in p.e. and their parents write notes to support this.

they have grossly obese parents who feel that physical activity is not necessary. i saw a note that a parent once wrote to a pe teacher. she said that her son does not have to participate in his pe class because this is not the military and he is not in boot camp. oh btw the mother was grossly obese.

a lot of them dont even want to go to recess anymore. they always ask “can i stay in the room?” im like, no your a kid, go play!

when i was a kid my parents had to drag my ass in the house when it got dark or i would have played through the night. how often do you see kids in the park playing baseball or football these days?

most kids’ parents commute to work and dont get home till 7-8 oclock at night. the kids come home from school and have to stay in the house becaue no one is home.

dont even let me get stareted on what they eat.

now im pissed!

What are video games?

It must suck to have to see that everyday in your line of work. My youngest daughter has a friend who is obese. They are in 3rd grade together. This girl comes over to play every now and then but only to play inside. She is obese (with a capital O) for her age. Her mother tells us that she won’t eat vegetables and/or fruits and is picky about anything else she eats. But, she loves McDonald’s and maccaroni and cheese (the box kind with the powdered “cheese”). So that’s what she feeds this girl regularly because she knows she will eat it. That’s just plain lazy parenting. On a purely coincidental note, this poor kid is out of school at least once a week with some sort of cold or flu. We tried to tell her mother some of the benefits of eating healthy but she blows it off by saying “I’m not going to make that because I know she won’t eat it.”

Well, now you got me started so, I’ll end my rant now.

P.S. Avoids, video games are to today’s kids what running water and indoor plumbing were to your younger days.

P-Dog I hear that I am stationed out here in California. That does not suprise me in the least about their education system. I am only 21 and when I was in elementry school in Texas we had P.E everyday they also had physical fitness awards too just like you have honor rolls for straight A’s and what not. I think I saw a stat posted somewhere saying the number of obese children has tripled since the early 80’s. When I decide to have kids I am going to teach them proper nutrition and exercise just like my parents did so they will automatically have an advantage over all the litte Jabba the Huts out there.

If I ever start a band, no matter what the genre,

I’m going to name it “Cheese Bong”

This is a good thread and I agree with the trend that’s sweeping the country

check this out. ive got a nephew that just learned to read a year ago. the only problem is he was 8 years old.let me repeat that: 8years old. I started reading when i was 5. but hes been playing playstation since he was big enough to hold a controller. My brother-in-law and his wife are the two worst parents I know. At least they dont beat their kids. but I think not taking enough interest in your kid to make sure they can read by the age of 8 borders on some kind of abuse.I see my friends and family given their small children cokes and junk all they time. my friends little girl will only eat chicken nuggets and fries and stuff likee that. SCREW THAT! when I have kids theyll learn to eat healthy. Ill still let them have treats like normal kids should have but mostly their diet will be healthy. Sorry about the long rant. my lunch break is over, gotta run.

That would be sooooo awesome!

Kids are going to eat what their parents put in front of them. Since most parents are lazy, slobbish folks anyways, it’s not the kid’s fault. They were raised on Playstation to keep them occupied instead of (god forbid) the parents taking an active role and taking them to the park or playing catch.

Minor thread hijack: Although I understand the point, I HATE cars that come with tv/vcr/dvd’s built in. Distracting a child with television might be effective, but I don’t think it does much for the imagination. I wonder if anyone remembers the word ‘reading’?

How did the kid make it to the 8th grade in the first place? If he couldnt read, his illiterut (pun) ass should have been failed until he could read. Parents fault, systems fault. Way to many kids just keep getting passed along.

oh yeah i fogot to mention the fact that half the schools dont even have pe anymore. the ones that do sometimes allow their students to just go out to the field and basicallly do whatever the fuck they feel like!

everytime the fucking wind blows they cancel pe and stay inside and jack off for an hour, it is quite frustrating.

oh and another thing on a related note. has anyone noticed how much more physically developed children are at a young age? i once read that being active in sports and rec delays the onset of the hormonal influx that young kids get.

a lot of girls are getting their periods at 8 or 9 years old now. that is fucking horrible! could you imagine being 9 years old and having to change a fucking pad every few hours?

im sure this may also be attributable to kids nutrition.

How about this one, not only are parents these days raising kids to be lazy & malnurished, I believe kids today are getting pampered too much and it is making them irresponsible for their actions. My wife is a teacher and you would be amazed at the excuses some parents make for thier kid’s jacked up disrespectful attitudes. Screw the teacher who is trying to not only educate your kid but also teaching your kid manners that obvioulsy he/she is not getting at home, and to have the nerve to make some sorry ass excuse for your kids actions. They are letting the child know that Mommy or Daddy is going to overlook this behavior. Bull Shit. And parents wonder why “Qualified” teachers dont stay in a profession that underpaid and underappreciated. My hat is off to all the teachers who friggin put up with Americas parenting problems and make a difference in some kids life. I cant even count the # of nights my wife came home crying b/c she felt sroory for some kid that she couldent reach out to and help and the poor family support these kids get today. God only knows I couldent put up with it.

i agree with mr. friday 100%. id also like to add that there are a lot of teachers that dont give a shit about their students as well.

for the most part they are caring and trying to do their best. then there are some that just do it for a paycheck.

they spent their entire lives in school themselves. their first job was a teacher. 10 years later they realize they hate their damn job but continue out of necessity.

True, there is nothing I cant stand more than a teacher talking about how he/she cant stand her job, get the fuck out of the school system. But those gov. hollidays keep em’ in. Fuckers!

P-Dog were are you located in California just curious. If it was Northern or Southern Cali. Feel free to PM.

I don’t think much has changed with kids since I was one. (I’m 26)
When i was a kid some were sedetary (usually the shy or unathletics ones) and some were very active (either because they were athletic or were hyper)
so I don’t think kids activity level is declining.
When I was a kid I would eat junk food (that wont change for most kids)AND play outside,watch TV and play video games.
When I was in high school. My breakfast was Hostess pastries and milk for breakfast, a pastrami sandwich washed down with a Dr. Pepper for lunch, and usually something fried for dinner.
I was 5’10" 125 lbs and played basketball for several hours everyday.
My point is it’s individual.
When I was in school, there were kids that didnt like to dress for PE because they didnt want to get all sweaty or girls would have their periods 10 days a month to get out of PE.

I agree that the youth of America are definitely becoming more sedentary. When I was a youngin, we would be playing sports as soon as we got out of school. Now kids go straight to the X-box or watch tv for hours at a time.
During the summer, we would play football, baseball, or basketball from 8 or 9 in the morning till it was dark. That or we would be riding our bikes around the neighborhood causing trouble. I NEVER see kids out playing pick-up baseball or football games anymore.
We had Nintendo too (I am 25) but we played video games (Contra, Metroid, Mike Tyson’s Punchout… all that good shit!) when it was dark or raining outside.
The US is becoming increasingly lazy, soft, and complacent (on the average)… and it is a sorry sight to behold.

When I have kids I’m not buyin them any fuckin’ X-Box.Too fuckin’ bad.