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The Youngster's Bible

This is a thread for us youngters to talk shit, do challenges and whatever else!
All are welcome.

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like it

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I challenge y’all to start an argument with @chris_ottawa or @jbackos

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Well played

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It begins.

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I put this question up on @duketheslaya 's log, but seeing as everyone on this topic is doing the challenge, I might as well post here too. @yargeeboy @Destrength @sjcimarauder2 @strongmanbrett @chriscori7

I’m just wondering if we should clarify some of the rules. Here’s what I suggest:

  1. All pull-ups should be completed with a pronated (overhand, palms-away) grip. Grip width may be varied (wider grip has shorter ROM but is more taxing. Closer grip had more ROM but is less taxing)
  2. Chalk, hook-grips, straps, and gloves are not allowed
  3. All pull-ups must be completed with a full hang, some body English is allowed but kipping is not.
  4. When you drop from the bar, you must complete 5 Burpees, each with a complete push-up at the bottom
  5. You do not have to immediately grab the bar following a set of Burpees, but an additional set of 5 will have to be completed at the top of each minute, if you are on the ground.
  • For example, you drop at 2:10 complete 5 Burpees, but cannot get back onto the bar. The timer ticks on to 3:00 so you must complete an additional 5 Burpees. By 3:45, you are back on the bar doing pull-ups. However, when the timer ticks over 4:00, you are still on the bar and you are exempt from Burpees.
  1. The winner is the athlete who has the greatest total number of reps after subtracting total burpees from total pull-ups.
  • 60 pull ups and 40 burpees leaves a score of 20
  • 30 pull ups and 70 burpees leaves a score of -40

Seems pretty unfun to me


Also, hate to spam the thread but this just gave me an idea for a later challenge, EMOM Burpee Ladder. Starting with one rep, do a set of burpees at the top of every set, adding one more each round.


  • Minute 1: 1 rep
  • Minute 2: 2 reps
  • Minute 3: 3 reps
  • Minute 10: 10 reps
  • Minute 11: 10 reps

Winner is whoever makes the most rounds

How about push ups in place of burpes? Easier on the joints, and has more ‘use’ dips would also be good if you do one of those dip-pull up-leg raise combo benches. Biggest concern is that this is going to be dick to record.

Also I feel like the clock rule is kinda silly when you are going without a training partner. AMRAP pull ups and push ups/dips are a special hell.

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Push ups do sound better than burpees. I would be a bit more wary of dips though, for this sort of thing I have a feeling form will go the shitter and someone will jack up their shoulders.

I guess the minute rule is probably easier for me because I have this cool HIIT timer app (Seconds) that you can use to do that sort of thing.

Why don’t you guys do something easy to record/do like 100 burpees for time or something.

Easy??? 100 Burpees???

The pull-ups and burpees for 10min idea orginated on @duketheslaya’s log. We’re just fiddling with our overactive hormone-addled minds

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To be perfectly honest, I’d rather do 100 burpees for time than that challenge.

Either you guys have phenomenal pull-up/hanging strength or you’re all in for a world of hurt.


Goodluck hanging onto the bar for 2 minutes lol after doing pull-ups

Well i don’t really care who records or not, just say what you got etc and its for fun. I mean record if ya want but yeah.

Spam as much as you like :sunglasses:

What about doing this without the extra punishment burpees for the time. Example ;If i do 6 pullups il need to get on the ground again, otherwise if i keep hanging i wont be able to do any reps anyway, il need time on the ground to recover.

Agree however phone times could be used

I thought this would be a thread about chasing girls(or guys) and partying and shit.


You thought wrong! Push-ups, pull ups and burpees apparently.

What’s the cut off point of being a youngster?!