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The Yankees and the first month of MLB

Now I’m not a huge baseball fan.Football(Pro and college) and Basketball(Pro and College) come way before baseball on my list but I am a massive sports junkie.So between June when the NBA Finals are over and the very end of August when football starts I pay alot of attention to MLB.I really don’t even have a favorite team.I always just root against the Yankees for no other reason than I’m tired of them being shoved down our throats day after day.So imagine my delight to see the Yankees struggling to reach .500 after the first month of play.Now I know theres like 140 games left and when its all said and done they will be back in the post season but for now it tickles my fancy to see the only Yank on the team with a batting average over .300 is Posada.So what are everyone elses views on the start of the season?

Also whats everyones view on Barry Bonds?I know alot of people don’t like him but when you take away all the BS and media bias towards him he’s the most dominate athelete atleast in american professional sports.Especially with Tiger Woods struggling like he is right now.

I’m going to agree whole-heartedly with the excitment you’re feeling about the yankees suckin’ it up. I hate 'em. How can a team stacked with future hall of famers not completely dominate? It’s just sad, they must be ashamed! (ahem… Lakers).

As for Bonds, I’m from the Bay Area and although I’m an A’s fan I have the pleasure of watching the Giants play almost every night as well. I get to see Bonds every at bat. Not just the one pitch high-lights of him hitting a home run. The guy is truly remarkable! Every single pitch that’s in the zone… he tears the $hit out of! No exception. You figure he has nearly 200 intentional walks a year (I think) but you gotta realize he’s pitched around every single at bat. The crazy thing is he STILL manages to put up phenomenal numbers.

Aye,I hope the Lakers get smoked by the Spurs(partly because they are my team and partly because I’ve never been able to stand Shaq)but thats for another thread.I’m kind of wondering how the fact that Barry is basically the only star on the Giants are gonna effect his season.I mean it could either help him or really hurt him.It could help him because they are gonna be pretty pitiful this year so they aren’t gonna be winning very many games.This leads to the thought that teams won’t really “have” to pitch around Barry seeing as the Giants are usually gonna be losing.On the other hand he still has no one batting in front or behind him so he has no protection at all.

The Yankees will get their come-uppins!

(it seems sooner rather than later)