The X-Vest?

Where would I find the X-Vest Charles Staley talks about in the new t-mag interview. It’s a weighted vest he says fits like a second skin. I wanna check that out. thanks for any help. But there’s not much there right now. T-mag is reviewing the vest in the next “Stuff We Like”. I’ll put ordering info there. The company is offering a discount to T-mag readers once the column runs. The normal price of the vest is $249 for the 40 pound model and $199 for the 20 pound model. The company will knock that down to $199 and $169 respectively (plus shipping) if you tell them you read about it at T-mag.

Who manufactures these Vests?

In case the article doesn’t run this week, here’s the ordering info from the column: For more info on the X Vest go to, call 800-697-5658 or write to

I gave the vest a 9 out of 10 rating, BTW. It’s the best vest I’ve tried in terms of quality and fit.

Thanks, Chris. So you can’t change the weight of the vest? If you get the 40 lb. model, theres no way to lower the weight at all?

Do you know what the SmartVest is? I think I saw it in a Perform Better catalog. It looks like it fits snug, and I think you can change the weight. Thats what I’m looking for.

You can change the weight of the xvest. the 20 is probably for people who would never go over that, like females or body for lifers.

Bitchin’. Thanks for the quick response, dave. Theres nothing on the website. You just order one by emailing them or something?