The WTF Routine, Ecto/Hardgainer Training Everyday

Been lifting for 2 years and some months now. 6"4 weighed 150 now 190.

I don’t like that term as I believe we’re all 99.9999% the same humans but ectomoprh/hardgainer with fast metabolism kinda suits me

My true maxes (definitely not perfect shapes but I do my best with my long limbs) :
Bench 225
Squat 335
DL (trap bar) 380

What I’m doing now :

  • bench press (heavy day A, light with paused reps day B)
  • squat (light paused day A, heavy day B) (replace one heavy day every 2 with trap bar DL)
  • shoulder work (DB press but mostly lateral raises and cable stuff because my front delt is much bigger because of BP poor form that got fixed some weeks ago-finally)
    -rows (seated, medium grip most of the time)

I do it every day, 1h session, one day off from time to time, rep ranges 3-5, 1-2" pauses.

I don’t know if there is already a program that looks like that but that’s what I’ve come with that pleases me, weights are going up after a very long plateau and joints feel better too.

If the answer is yes, I’d love to read more about it, written by someone with better experience.


Let’s just say you have a fast metabolism and leave it at that.

If your program is giving you consistant gains without joint issues, keep doing it. I feel you should consider some direct arm work since you are 6’4 and long limbed.

If you’ve got an approach that works, stick with it.

I’m not entirely clear what you’re asking, are you asking people to critique the program? If so, your results are the best judge of the program, not what anyone online thinks.

[quote]tontongg wrote:
Been lifting for 2 years and some months now. 6"4 weighed 150 now 190.[/quote]
To clarify though, you were “180 or so” in May 2013.
So you’ve gained maybe 10 pounds in over a year. With that in mind, I think your current training and nutrition need serious, significant, and urgent improvement.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Training every single day, let alone regularly repeating a workout with minimal differences, is not best-suited for “alleged-hardgainers” trying to build size. Relatively-lower frequency training, which means more time for recovery/growth, is certainly something to consider.

What is your actual specific goal?

If your goal is to bench 315 and squat 405 while weighing under 200 pounds, then you’re on track and can probably squeeze more progress out of what you’re doing. If your goal is to look jacked and build 46cm (18-inch) arms, then you’re doing it wrong.