The WRPF - Bench Pressers

I think it will be interesting here to publish very strong bench pressers from the WRPF. At least we will not constantly talk about bodybuilding and about steroids…

Yesterday I was surprised by this lifter…

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James Strickland and his coach, Josh Bryant.

You should check them out, they have logic and will power! They utilise the isometric regime.

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Sometimes I look, now I have concentrate brain predominantly on my training.

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James Strickland is another guy who could potentially break Sarychev’s record if he gains another 50lbs. or so. I don’t know what his long term plans are but right now the goal is to be the lightest man to bench 700 and the 308 class all time record. The current record is 701 by Scot Mendelson. Looking at James’ training videos from the last couple months, it didn’t look like 700+ was going to happen but within a year it’s possible for sure. In one of the recent videos, Josh Bryant said that his bodyweight was under 300 (I don’t remember the exact number) so he is not at his limit yet.

A little off topic, what’s with Eric Spoto?

@gaelic - since you’re only focusing on bench press, Josh Bryant has a book that you might find useful called “Bench Press: The Science”. The kindle version only cost me $10(Canadian) on Amazon, definitely worth it. It doesn’t give you programs, although it has some sample workouts and training blocks, what it is about is different strategies and exercises to build your bench press and the information could fit into any program. Josh himself benched over 600 and was the youngest at the time to do so, he has several lifters benching over 600 and many other elite lifters, he knows his stuff.

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I heard he broke a finger and had to stop training, not sure what he’s doing now. Apparently at his last meet he opened with 700 and bombed out, sounds like his time is over.

I think Spoto could not admit that Sarychev surpassed Spoto’s world record, so he probably finished.

Thank you for the tip.

I just searched his name, on his Instagram page two of the most recent posts (both from 2016) mention shoulder issues and a tricep injury. It sounds like it has been one injury after another. I don’t know if he’s planning a big comeback, more likely he’s done.

Hes 293

There you go, another 15lbs. of muscle will definitely help his bench.


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That was smooth, too smooth.