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The Wrestler Cycle


I looked around an couldn't find anything on the cycle that was laid out for Micky by Scott Siegel (Yes I am aware he was arrested for distribution of steroids). I am not looking at doing said cycle but just interested in how you all think the products supplied could be stacked to lay out a proper cycle, what is missing what should not be used, what amounts should be used, what benefits would each bring ext... From what I gathered he was supplied the following.

Equipoise (eq)


I hear that was a really good movie. I am tempted to see it.

I found this by Anthony Roberts:

1 kit of Growth Hormone
1 Bottle of Dianabol
1 Bottle of Anadrol
1 Bottle of EQ
2 Bottles of Tren
1 Bottle of Insulin
4 Boxes of Sustanon, 3 amps per box
(Total Cost: $900)

Anthony Roberts comment:

"Looks like a solid 12 week cycle to me, and obviously written out by someone who knows what a cycle actually looks like - in fact the Sustanon even looks totally real, down to the packages. To be honest, this looks like a more reasonable cycle than what I see daily on message boards."


What you fail to realise is that most users of AAS who are in the least bit serious and regular - don't buy one cycle at a time.

Now - i may be alone in thinking the following but -

Who is to say that the 'cycle' on that table pictured is supposed to be anything more than the mere suggestion that he is using lots of drugs and risking his health in order to hold onto a fame and profession he should have ended 10 years ago - and it is all he has left as a burnt out old athlete and drunk.. no family, friends or love - just a beat up old body running on booze and PED? Surely the point was one of cinematic morbid desperation, rather than an accurate representation of exactly the drugs you should choose as a low rent wrestler?

AS for the need to 'find out' what cycle he is 'doing' - get a grip man. It is a film.. it isn't SUPPOSED to be about which cycle or which drugs benefit grappling or whatever your are looking for.

It is like asking "i wonder what is IN a 'kahuna burger' - and if that was a diet sprite?" or "What gas does 'Kit' use?"

Jesus Christ.

It is worse than the 'injection speed' thread about the same movie. Do people REALLY believe what they see on TV to the extent that they want to copy the exact methods drugs are used or the types of drugs used with absolutely no specificity to the individual?

Do you think heroin users watch 'Trainspotting' to get tips on how to cook up? I fucking doubt it.

Shit man.



I think you missed the point and yes I think heroin users watch Trainspotting... I agree with you in that they are tiring to show what risks he was willing to take ext... The point of this post was to check the validity of the movie, the guy in the movie was in fact a dealer that was arrested multiple times for distribution so I thought it might make an interesting topic, but I guess as you pointed out I need to find something else to do with my time, thanks for the clarification that I'm an idiot. You ever have anything positive to say? BTW if you read my post you would see I clearly stated that I have no intentions on "using" said cycle. Sounds like you are the one who needs to get a grip, but I guess that's just my retarded view right?


I would recommend the movie, it's one of those flicks that mess with your head for a few days. I have been a huge Mickey Rourke fan since watching it!


How was Marisa Tomei in this film? I like her too.


I really liked her in this, I think she is sexy.


Now, I can't wait to see it :wink:


It's a very good movie. Mickey Rourke is almost always good in anything he happens to be in, but he really pulls this off.


Did i say this? You really shouldn't take half a sentence and quote it as fact, it will lead to confusion..

So if the drugs he bought don't fit into an exact cycle this takes away from it? BS - the point is he bought AAS, GH AND Slin. That he is using virtually every type of substance available! The fact they used a real dealer and real packaging 9it seems) vouches for its validity just fine.

What if he bought GH, Boldenone and Masteron - would that make it invalid? i think you don't know what you are talking about - just my opinion of course :slightly_smiling:

Fine. I disagree, but that is yours and my right. As it's a public forum i can post my opinion as you can post yours. You have a right to post and i have a right to reply with things you may or may not like - Am i not allowed to disagree?
You can be sure there are others who agree with me and i can be sure there are others who believe it is worth discussing - this fact alone means i will refrain from smudging the thread further after this post - as when it comes to rights, people have a right to enjoy a thread without someone bitching all over it :wink:

No problem, that one was for free - just don't push your luck or i may stop being so nice :wink:

Lots - the thing is that due to the human condition nice stuff gets ignored but nasty stuff gets tons of attention. I call things as i see them - that's all. If i agree or disagree and i want to voice that - i will. Here or in person - it's my personality. If you don't like that (and many don't) then don't sweat it - it's only the internet.

Like you paid attention to mine you mean - with the mis-quotes? Anyway, if you are not even considering using the 'cycle' - why are you paying so much attention to such a minute and inconsequential aspect of the film? YOU say it is to 'validate' it - but i struggle to understand that either..


You posted, i replied - we both had one more shot. i am willing to leave it at that.

FWIW - i rented it the other night. I was OK, a lot different to how i expected, but i wasn't as taken with it as i hoped to be. Mostly i think because i first read about it here so i was expecting more... i dunno. A bit more action..
It was quite a heartfelt film and i can see it's place in the real world - ie. the world of low budget entertainment sports etc. The daughter story cut me up though - that was some shitty, realistic story.

I have liked Mickey Rourke since his 'comeback' in Sin City - one of my favourite films actually.


I'm sure we could talk circles forever regarding opinions. Forgive me for taking your comments out of context, on the re-read it is very obvious what I did there. I definitely respect your knowledge on AAS but every time I post a Brook reply never fails. I expected you to reply on this topic but I thought you might have something else to offer aside from the usual this is a stupid topic ext...

Don't get your panties in a bunch

Nuff said


I honestly don't ever remember replying to a post of yours before.

It is NEVER that personal from me - the fact you always get a contradictory reply from me simply shows that we differ our opinion on most topics! lol

Forget it man :wink:


Not that it matters at all but Scott is monster. He was puttin up 500lbs on the flat bench when he was 17. He was like 6'3 280 driving a suzuki samari.I cant believe that he actually got that part. I used to work security with him in the 90's at the Factory. What a shame because he finally got a break.


You know how he got that giant scar on his head??


No, must have happened our days working the door at the clubs. He loved to fight though so it could have happened anytime. He left ny and went down to Fla. and worked at liquid years ago.. I think he is looking at some time in the feds, wont be surprised if he ends up with more scars.