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The WORST Video


ok, i've seen some bad beating videos on here lately, but this is the worst i've seen in recent memory. absolutely disgusting.



Some people are just trash. Notice he gets robbed while he is unconcious. Great argument for forced sterilization of low IQ humans. There can't be anyone involved who can break 90 there.


Third world bullshit. I've seen gorillas at the zoo act with more humanity. Notice the recurrent theme in these videos.... The perp and his posse greatly outnumber the victim. Props to the skinny guy who tried to break it up and got punched. At least he tried to stop the fucking beatdown while no one else cared.


There are a few threads going where people say they can't understand how we might have evolved from animals.

After seeing these videos, I'd say we haven't evolved very far from them.

Actually, that might be unfair to the animals, as they don't hurt for pleasure or steal you wallet when you're down.

Back on topic: All this was basically for a parking space in front of a convenience store?


All ya'll are racist.
I'll bet my money that none of the words "gorillas" "zoo" or "animals" would have been mentioned if it was a white guy beating up anpther white guy.


"Albino gorillas" might have been used instead.

Take it easy, MuscleMachine. Morons and despicable human beings come in all colours. I'm sure everyone here knows that.


Over all I don't think it's about IQ. I think there are some very smart people out there who simply lack integrity. In short, they will do whatever they can to make themselves feel good regardless of who they hurt. They need more fiber in their diet...moral fiber!


This is perhaps the most ignorant comment I have read on this forum in a long time.


I love how everytime the fight involves black people and someone comments on it, someone else always throws out the race card. This video is all over the Net by the way and it's the same comments on othe Sites. Black or White, that "animal" should get his azz kicked good. Why did't the dude inside the car just grab his arm on one of the swings and throw the car in reverse for a little pleasure drive?


Shut up.

Point of the matter is, none of you would used that slang had those been whiteboys.


true. but also this is america everyone is racist.


You are playing the race card falsely. I do not associate any of those terms with people of any race.

It appears you do.


yeah we kinda have to(play the card)sometimes to protect ourselves since the majority of non-minorty people get their views of other races by what they see on the news or see on here on the internet. these videos suck i wonder why black people always record shit we know is illegal, even when the cops are standing five feet in front of ye


The problem with situations like this is that race always gets brought up.

Muscle machine - whether or not the comparison to animals was justified is not the main issue. This was a despicable act and you should denounce it first.

By turning an act like this in to an issue of race always detracts from the real issue, which is that this was a violent act. If we lose sight of that then it will becomse a white vs black arguement which is stupid because i'm sure that all sensible people (balck and white) will denounce the actions on this video.

Secondly, a comment to everybody. Whilst this is a savage beating, you do not know the history of this clip. Taking this in isolation will not help anyone understand it. Who know what was said/done before the video started? Were these guys all gang-related or was the victim an innocent man? He also smashed the window of the X% which wasn't a smart move, and says to me that he may have antagonised the orignal situation.

When looking at clips like this, always think of what else might be going on.

Regardless, violence like this is wrong. But then this is the world we live in.



This is the reason you carry a gun. I would have shot this animal dead on the spot, and anyone else who would try to come at me with this many people.


...and then a few of them pull out their guns and shoot back at you and the whole thing becomes a blood bath. This would be an improvement?

I would've moved the car. Getting assaulted/killed over a parking space is not worth it.


I fucking hate when ignorant pricks pull out the race card situations like this. That is perhaps more angerring than the video itself. The guys were losers and should be killed, every last one of them. It doesnt matter what fucking race they are. They're trash, scum, everythings thats wrong with this society. There are countless outstanding African Americans in our society who do a great job at improving our world and contributing to our society, but those people WERE ANIMALS, little fucking ghetto gang bangers. And the fact that you through in the fucking race card shows how little respect you have for our society. I bet you hang out with kids like this, cruising around causing shit. hanging out at your local convenience store beating kids up. probably little kids, who are alone. You make me sick. how could you pull such ignorant bull shit after watching these videos. theyre disgusting.

Ok, well a little something for the intelligent people on this thread. I dont think this is the worst video. That one where the woman gets beaten is much worse. If you havent seen it try and watch it, you'll see what i mean. I dont remember the thread name though.


This is true. The person driving should have recognized this for what it was and moved the car. What it was was an excuse for a bunch of assholes to show what badasses they all are when they outnumber a car of people three to one. It had nothing to do with a parking space. One guy even robbed the unconscious dude; I'm sure to show how outraged he was by whatever the victims did that led to the beating.

As for the dude who cried racism because somebody called these people animals, I guess we're back to what I'm always talking about: people going out of their way to look for racism when it isn't there. It becomes easy to see how someone can claim that racism is such a huge epidemic when they consider it racism that white eggs are more common than brown ones.

Anybody want to take bets on the number of posts before I'm accused of being a racist for this post? $20 says five.


Chris Powers:

Good post!

I don't think anyone will cry racism, other than our little friend perhaps. T-Nation is one place where I can honestly say I see very little negative attention paid to race. That's one reason why I have enjoyed posting here over the years. Of course the kick butt training information and quality products have a lot to do with it too :slightly_smiling:


You can bet on that all you want. The fact of the matter is that the scenario you would like to bet on was not the one on the video.
What realy bothers me is that I can't see any sense in posting crap like this on this site. It doesn't have anything to do with training, strength or athleticism. It's a bunch of brutal stupidity that causes nothing but arguement and bad feelings. It's not that I want to keep my head in the sand either. If I want to see shit like this, all I have to do is look out my window. Video clips like this are disgusting, and I realy don't see any reason for them on this site.