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The Worst Thing About Bodybuilding


So, what is it for you?

For me, it's washing my pots and pans 4-5 times a day. Sometimes I just leave my skillet on the oven range and don't even bother washing it before using it again..


Pooping more than once per day. Sometimes as much as 3-4.


I hate cooking breakfast when I'm basically half dead, but its only eggs, so nothing too complicated.


getting up at in the middle of the night to take a leak and forgetting that my legs dont fully work after a hard leg day, and all but trip and groan over stiff hips and knees as i wobble out of bed and to the rest room, then not being able to fall asleep again.


Having to Workout around the mindless drones of people merely occupying space in the gym to appease their sense of pride. Having to wait for someone to stop doing push ups on the Smith cage bar or benching 135lbs and standing up to look at his "abs," or the 265lb stack of Fat wearing the spaghetti straps top. Im all for starting somewhere, but come on.


Jacking off with these rough callouses.

I don't use lotion either.





-all the damn eating, and subsequent shitting.
-people asking your lift stats, and then not believing you when you tell them
-all the people who think bbing consists solely of prancing around on stage with a fake tan and a thong.


The pain of watching the guy curl in the squat rack.


But.... isn't that a bodybuilding comp is?

Everyone always says your not a power lifter if you don't compete, so are you really bodybuilding if you don't prance around on stage with a fake tan and a thong?


One thing that bothers me the most is the psychological aspect of Bodybuilding. Not seeing what other people see in you.


The fact that it consumes a large portion of my thought process throughout the day.
Eating ALL the time, some times I just wanna skip a meal.
Planning my day, activities, family time, recreation around the gym and my eating schedule.


yeah but bodybuilding contests take more prep than any other weight lifting contest. if you're strong today you can go to a powerlifitng/strongman/oly event.

if you're big today, it doesn't fucking matter because you need to get to 3% bodyfat, oiled, shaved, teeth bleached, carb load, sodium load, cut water etc, etc.

bodybuilding is one or two days out of the year. i'm not saying bodybuilding is any greater than the other sports lifted but the competition itself and the prep leading to it are totally different.

bodybuilding is about a look anyway. so once you 'look like a bodybuilder' essentially you are competitive.

what's bodybuilding really? having the best body. difference is that at a bodybuilding show you have higher competition. if bodybuilding was basketball it'd be a pickup street-game as soon as anyone else is near you. at the gym, it's trying to get the heaviest numbers, the biggest weights. who can put more pounds on the barbell? or it's a 24 hour battle against the top dog at the gym, the biggest guy there. you want to beat him you want to be number one.

bodybuilding is called a lifestyle for a reason. it doesn't end when the buzzer sounds it's with you every living breathing moment of your life, its a competition that doesn't end.


the only downside to bodybuilding is that not enough people get it.

theres so many good things about it and they outweigh all the bad.

bodybuilding is the only sport you can spot another player in as soon as they're withen eyesight. and right off the bat you know you have something in common.

there's a lot of discipline to it. but lets be honest, you don't have to wrap your life around bodybuilding the way some of you make it seem like you do. legs can wait til tomorrow. the gym can wait another hour. that ice cream cone won't kill you. i think as long as you follow the rules most of the time, you'll be good. don't be a fool but don't make it so that your whole life is consumed by this in a negative way, it's so not worth it.

i did say bodybuilding is a lifestyle earlier. but you can still do ninety-frigging-nine percent of the stuff there is to do - just bring a protein shake with you when you do it :slightly_smiling:


Today I saw a girl who was at most 120 lbs (she was 5'10" or something) curling in the squat rack.

Needless to say, I was impressed, considering how skinny she was.




Having to take a shit in the morning... like four to five times. Standard procedure, I'll make my breakfast and then the fun starts. Round 1... round 2... round 3... round 4... round 5... 25 minutes later I can finally start eating my breakfast.


I'm not that precise in taking my meals in per day anymore. If I'll miss a meal I'll make it up later around the next meal. Just as long as I'll reach my daily calories.


The fact that most of my jeans dont fit comfortably anymore.


This, though I top out at round 3. I like to call it the second and third coming.
Don't know why, but my body just won't go in one sitting. If I don't take a second dump in the morn, it'll come knocking at lunch or just before dinner. Inconvenient to say the least.