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The Worst Parents In The World



Anybody seen this? Friend just IM'ed it to me a few minutes ago.

I really don't understand why parents do this kind of shit to their kids, and think it's actually funny. I felt bad for him the entire video.


Its fake/staged. I think Snopes (the urban legend site) did a piece on it?

Apparently the kid went peeking for his presents weeks before Christmas, so the parents played this prank on him and gave him the present afterward.

I thought it was real at first too, then I thought...where would someone get an empty Xbox box?


Actually its about 2 years old and was real, microsoft sent the kid an xbox.


Ohh, I see.

Well when I saw the video, before I watched it I read the description that said they got an empty xbox box from their neighbors.

It looked real enough, and if it actually is real...It's completely fucked.

Anyway, thanks for the info!




Feel bad for the kid.
Anyway what do you expect from that kind of family of degenerates? A bunch of brain dead fatasses...I mean when you let your kid sporting this ridiculous clownish hairstyle obviously there's something wrong with you.
I bet after a few years from now this kid will kick his folks' ass...


What's you're problem?? Are all spoiled kids entitled to an Xbox by the UN declaration of children's rights, huh?

I never got shit like that for christmas/bday


I never got that stuff either! I also don't believe kids are 'entitled' to an Xbox as you say. In fact i probably think most kids could do with a little less video gaming.

But is that all you see wrong with this video?

It seems to me that if the parents can't afford it, oh well. But to play a prank like that on a 9 year old kid Christmas morning, in front of his whole family and than post it on youtube...well that is just ridiculous.


Initial assumption: Haircut. That was the first reason why they COULD be the worst parents. But I was like, nah, not the worst parents. maybe just negligent, but not worst.

Cumulative Reaction: How are you going to do that to YOUR kid on Christmas man? Short of pulling a Cain, there's nothing that kid could've done do deserve that. That's just plain rotten. Plus it breeds animosity and hostility which I'm sure that kid doesn't need anymore of his life. I mean, look at his hair cut.


Wow. That is low.

That poor kid.


lmao (at the haircut), but I completely agree with everything else. Fucking fat bitches should of skipps 1 or 2 McDonald's trips a day and they would have saved enough for a haircut and 360 in a week.


shit my grammer and spelling suck


PimpBot5000 wrote: I thought it was real at first too, then I thought...where would someone get an empty Xbox box?

from anyone who owns a xbox already ?

yea thats pretty greasy, its even more sad because the kid didnt even seem to realize the box mustve weighed about an ounce he was excited till the bitter end


I don't know, maybe its just me but I used to treasure my game system boxes as much as the systems themselves. I kept all my boxes, starting from my old NES and going all the way to PS2. I'd keep them on hand if I ever had to bring my system to a friend's house...no way I'd ever give them to someone.



That'll teach him to get his hopes up!

Seriously, this video is gOLD!


Are you an idiot?


Kid's lucky he got anything at all. You know what I got for Christmas? It was a banner fucking year at the old Bender house. I got a carton of cigarettes. The old man grabbed me and said hey smoke up Johnny!



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thats fucked up! if ur gonna give the kid clothes and cant afford an xbox then dont put it in a xbox box!!! fuckin fat ass retards!!


yea, but your (avatars) tits are amazing!!