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The worst of the worst....

Continuing on from the other music thread, what’s the most T supressing music you’ve ever had to listen too in the gym? My vote goes to Fields of Gold by Sting, my balls ran away.

I say Bette Midler.

haha great thread! although i always wear my headphones while hitting the iron, on monday i forgot to put a cd in my player. there was this old lady class going on in the room next to me (no celings), similar to “sit and be fit”, playing different polka songs and 1950s tap dance songs. hell i think i would have headbanged to yanni after witnessing that shit

Anything by Bruce Springsteen,Debbie Boone,The Carpenters,NSync,The Backstreet Boys,and Air Supply I could go on forever with this thread!

A backstreet boys dance remix

Anything by Elton John in the last ten years. Wow…can music get any more lame?

Boy bands, rap, disco, Elvis (and that includes imitation Elvis), club-techno mixes.

Everything that does not come out of my MP3’s earphones.

Hip-hop – I spent a summer being blasted with “Will you be my WIFEY” and “I’m Fucking You Tonight” and other such wonderful songs before finally investing in headphones. Not only did that kill my workouts before I learned to ignore it, but it also made me actually dumber to listen to it.

Richard Marx, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston: guaranteed loss of testosterone.

this is a great post-i can definately fill up a couple of paragraphs of bad gym music, but for the sake of brevity i’ll list the absolute WORST: i dunno what it is about her, but of the three gyms i’ve had memberships at, cher’s garbage always makes it through the gym sound system…not a cher remix (which would be only marginally preferable) but unadulterated, straight off the album CHER. after cher would have to be this genre of music–i think it’s called freestyle…it sounds like the synth-pop predescessor of current house music, heavy on the electric melodies and some fagmasta singin in the background…its really quite disturbing…and of course any music made by a group consisting of several “boys” has no place with the iron…

John Denver,Weezer,Michael Bolton,Barbra Streisand(sp?),Poison,Warrant,Cat Stevens,James Taylor,Ricky Martin and Kenny Rogers

Simply Red’s “I keep holdin’ on!”

Just imagine that feminized male voice wailing, “Holdin’…HOLDIN’…WHAAAAooooo!”

One word ENYA or the opposite three words SYSTEM OF A DOWN

Barry Manilow…

Anything by Jewel, althogh I would like to see her naked

anything not hip-hop, Ozzy, Yngwie Maalmsteen, or Conan, Batman (animated), or Lord of the Rings Soundtrack.

Any type of Canadian band (e.g. Barenaked Ladies, Bryan Adams, etc etc)

anything played over the system at the 24 hour fitness I use.

When I heard “Greatest Love of mine” I dropped the weights and marched down to the front desk and laid a bitching on. I really detest most anything from the 50’s that isn’t jazz. So if they play that kinda crap, my work out is poor.