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The Worst of the Worst


First of all, let me state that I get no pleasure in watching these videos. It's more morbid curiosity than anything else - but who else has seen the worst of the worst on the internet? One of my buddies recently brought up some of these videos, and I had to go back and shock myself by watching them again. Some of the more memorable/horrible videos I can remember are:

3 Guys 1 Hammer (Don't watch, it's atrocious, it's a murder video that those Ukrainian kids made. I mean this, this IS probably the worst thing you'll ever see.)

The real BME Pain Olympics (Final Round is fake [confirmed,] but it's still brutal if you don't know.)

1 Guy 1 Jar (I like how the first time everyone watches this, they think they know what's going to happen. Seeing people's expressions are priceless... hell I could watch youtube reaction videos for that all day.)

Mr. Hands / 1 Guy 1 Horse / 2 Guys 1 Horse (I'm sure you all know this - The dude who got fucked too hard by a horse and ended up dying because of it.)

2 Guys 1 Stick (This one I've only seen once, and is quite hard to find. A dude sticks a stick in his dick. 'Nuff said.)

shakethatbear (Besides the murder video, I am actually the most offended at this one - Two people shake a bear from a tree and have sex on its corpse.)

2 Girls 1 Cup (Lame, not even bad, everyone's seen it.)

Goatse (Stupid, not a video.)

Anyway, the point of the thread is just to see who on the site has actually watched the videos. I'm curious as to what you thought about them, if you could get them out of your head, or any other strange ones I've missed throughout the years. I've seen Faces of Death, and all those fake mainstream ones, but most of the ones mentioned (sans BME Final Round) are most likely real. Also, I won't go into things like the Iraqi beheadings or U.S. soldiers kicking dogs off of cliffs, because that'll spark a big political debate that I'm sick of hearing about.

I will NOT provide links, because I don't want to be that guy. This is about discussion, not demonstration. If you haven't seen any of these vids and are curious, I'm giving you AMPLE warning not to, especially if you vomit easily, are offended easily, or still have some innocence left. The videos mentioned are mostly pretty extreme, except for the final two, which involve either eating feces or a big, gaping asshole.

Anyway, here's to the great things the internet has to offer.


youre an asshole for making this thread because i havent seen any of those videos but now i feel like i have to just because i know theyre out there.


I've seen most of them, I just choose not to watch certain ones. Saw the jar one not too long ago....cringe. 3 Guys 1 Hammer - is that the one where they murder the homeless guy?

My one friend has a fetish and fascination for gore and true life drama...he's seen it all pretty much, and when he's done he sends it to me.

I can only stomach so much, but after watching all that you know the world can be a fucked up place - suicides on camera, beheading with a butter knife, self mutilations of all kinds, animal and child cruelty (kids being burnt alive, animals skinned alive - I couldn't watch these 'cause that's where I draw the line).

People = shit.


I've only seen 2 girls 1 cup and the BME Pain Olympics.

I haven't heard of those other videos, but now I'm curious. I'll debate whether or not to even watch them once I get home.

When I watch stuff like that, I'm usually grossed out or repulsed by them and find it disturbing, but I still can't turn away. I've never been sicked enough to vomit watching something like that though.

I think some of the reaction videos are funny though. There's a video of Kermit the Frog watching 2 girls 1 cup that's kind of funny, as well as the Joe Rogan and Ron Jeremy reaction ones.



Apart from the gruesome treatment of the bear...Bwahahahahahaha those people are fucking wackjobs.


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There was a thread a while back on disgusting/horrible videos. For curiosity's sake I wanted to check them out, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually click on them.


i saw one of the faces of death where an Iraqi guy got pulled apart by horses.

im sure ive seen more too but cant remember, was like 5 years ago when i was searching for all that faces of death stuff.


I feel exactly the same way.


I agree with you. I've gotten to the point where I won't even watch ficitional movies if I know they're just going to piss me off because it isn't worth the energy.


I can stomach anything that involves feces etc., even though I don't like it. Sometimes it's just funny.

But violence or other forms of cruelty against others (human or animal) makes me sick and angry for days. It makes me lose all faith in humanity.

I guess I'll consider hunting down cruel people when I'm nearing 70 years old and the active portion of my life is coming to a halt.
If a lot of people did that, maybe we could make a small impact for the better of the world.


Yep. It's ridiculous. (If you don't care to know what happens in the video, skip to the next paragraph.) At first they hit the guy with a big bag of rocks, then basically gut him with a screwdriver.

They go on to actually start puncturing some of his organs, and put the screwdriver through his eye. He's still alive through all of it. Eventually, they finish him off by stabbing the brain.

It's sad that the kids only received like 20 years because of a no-death sentence policy, but I'm sure those kids will get what's coming to them in a Ukrainian prison.

Honestly, they're all pretty twisted in their own original ways. I know ignorance is bliss, but once I hear about a crazay video like any of them mentioned, like Live said, I just have to watch it.

I'd provide probably one of the most hilarious reaction videos ever, but it has a link to the Mr. Hands link on the page as well. (Though it's one of the least-worst vids, IMO.)

Anyway, I think everyone should watch 1 Guy 1 Jar at least once. And get it on camera. And put it on youtube. Sure wish I would've the first time, haha.


No, I can't watch any of that shit, either. I hate people enough, and that crap just confirms that they suck even more.


Alright, can anyone post a link to the one guy one cup? I'm on youtube and I can't find it; all they have are stupid "reaction" videos and rip offs.


I don't see what's so bad about this one. Bear hunting plus sex. Not a big deal.

Though I'm not sure I'd have done it ON the corpse, but near it, sure, why not. It's not like they fucked the dead bear.

Videos like those mentioned aren't pretty, but I think it's a good thing that they exist. I haven't seen many, but I have no objection to seeing them. Shit like that has been going on forever, and it's naive and delusional to pretend it doesn't. You won't see anything less horrifying at the local slaughterhouse.


What about the one where that guy in Seattle gets hit over the head with a skateboard, by some punk ass kid who keeps on messing with people. It's bad but it's not too too graphic.

Worst part is the guy slips into a coma the next day and ends up dying. That shit makes me livid, id have no remorse if i was in the same room as the skateboarder.


I just wish the authorities would create a task force to hunt down and prosecute the people on these videos (with obvious intent to harm). I choose not to corrupt my mind with them, but wish those involved would become convicted criminals because of their actions. Conviction would be easy with a video on hand.

I saw one a while ago of a man in Las Vegas beating the shit out of his girlfriend in front of a club. Aside from nobody helping this woman, it was sad to think he got away with it (shows him getting in his car and taking off).


Pure evil. I refuse to watch that garbage.

Yeah, V... slaughterhouses are sick. But who the fuck is sick enough to videotape it for the pleasure of others to view? Nobody denies there's some sick shit on this planet. It's the one's who get a thrill from viewing it that get to me.

Waaaay to much effort gets wasted on negative endeavors.


Ok nevermind, I saw the one guy one cup.



I still don't know if I buy it. Seemed like a real trooper to me, given the circumstances. Either he was on some ridiculous meth, or he's one composed cat. It seems like he would've fainted or at least made a noise when it happened, too.

...And what the hell is on his legs?