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The Worst Gun Bill Yet


There has been a lot of noise on this board lately about whether our new president will, upon taking office, be continuing the proud Democratic tradition of disarming the peasants.

While I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, I'm fairly confident that rushing the following bill through the (predominantly Democratic) House and Senate and onto the President's desk will be at least as big a priority for the new administration as tackling that pesky economy.


The bill is named "H.R. 1022: Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007." It has been sleeping since February 2007, just waiting for the opportune moment. On January 20 of next year, that moment will have arrived.

The bill is essentially a fortified version of the 1994 ban. It gives the standard laundry list of scary black firearms, ticks off the horrifying characteristics that qualifies these weapons for the ban (threaded barrel, pistol grip, barrel shroud, etc.), but then it also bans:

A semiautomatic rifle or shotgun originally designed for military or law enforcement use, or a firearm based on the design of such a firearm, that is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, as determined by the Attorney General. In making the determination, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that a firearm procured for use by the United States military or any Federal law enforcement agency is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, and a firearm shall not be determined to be particularly suitable for sporting purposes solely because the firearm is suitable for use in a sporting event.'

So the M1 Garand, the M14, the M1 carbine, the Ruger Mini-14, the Remington 1100, the Benelli M4 and a whole mess of other firearms will all be banned as well, since all of them have been procured by the military or police, or are based on the design of such a firearm. And the fact that you shoot your Garand in CMP highpower matches probably won't convince Obama's Attorney General that the M1 is "particularly suitable for sporting purposes."

This is a very bad bill, brothers and sisters. I can't imagine even the overconfident new administration being so bald-faced as to pass this into law, but if they do, the whites of their eyes will be visible for all to see.

Get yours while you can.


The M1 Garand. Particularly suitable for sporting purposes.


I'm hoping that after Heller, a ban as written above would not pass constitutional muster. The court in Heller held that handguns and other weapons "in common use" are protected. Hopefully enough AR style rifles have been sold in the past 40 years to qualify them and anything else like them as being "in common use". Heller also makes clear that the rights codified by the 2nd Amendment are not about "sporting purposes".


THis is also my hope.

And then I remember that Obama is going to get at least one court nomination, probably more.


And the media hacks are already expressing incredulity that there is a run on gun stores (everything good is gone and/or on back order BTW)...Yes, they still don't get it..."Clinging to Guns & Religion" was how it was said, then the TV ad blitz assuring there would not be any going after guns, and now this...but we are mere paranoid fools? (so say the media) when this is as clearly stated as AH said in Mein Kampf that he intended to exterminate populations & a certain Persian has stated he wants to do him one better with Nukes?...No, You are not "paranoid" when they really are out to get you/:wink:...as a survivor of the death camps once said "If a man says he is coming to kill you, believe him!".

The only thing worse is when one says he thinks your life is worthless, then says the opposite, then shows by his actions that he lied about it? That is the highest form of dispicability...Any man that lives with armed bodyguards 24/7 that shows by their actions that you are not worthy to protect your life by the same means (i.e.: being armed), is NOT your friend and intends you harm by forcing you to submit to lawless banditry.

What really irritates me is the historical ignorance (and racism) inherent here. There was a clear reason why these anti-gun laws advented after the Civil War & during Reconstruction: To disarm Blacks, particularly the Black veterans (who had seen combat, did not scare easy, and were therfore deemed "uppity", or in Black slang "Crazy"), making them unable to protect themselves and their segregated communities by force of arms. Literally thousands of blacks were ruthlessly lynched & castrated because they were disarmed by these "Jim Crow" gun laws (In fact, these unconstitutional "laws" give a little taste to those who are oblivious, about how it really feels to be discriminated against...Not a lot of fun, eh?. Think about that before the N-Word rises to your lips next time: You know who you are).

Instead, these days, in crime-ridden cities like Chicago(hint) legitimate gun owners nationwide are being actively tarred with the same brush as the low-class criminal scum who use misuse firearms, propagandized by media organs who dance in the blood of innocent victims to push their bankrupt Utopian agenda. Free men can protect themselves, family, and community and defend against banditry...Slaves & "subjects" are unarmed fools ripe for rape & pillage by Tyrants and criminals alike, and this is a fact that has not changed in world history: only do-gooding un-realists (Utopian fools) think otherwise. To quote a phrase: "If God didn't want them sheared, he wouldn't have made them Sheep"....OK, end of impromptu rant, couldn't help myself. If you were offended because the shoe fit a bit too well? Tough titty, deal with it!!...


Wing shooter are you?...Don't think I'd want to grill up that particular type of bird for eatin'...Even Tabasco wouldn't help/:wink:

(BTW, it's a cryin' shame the authors of that poster have lost the spirit of which it was created. Never here, Never!)...


If it's any consolation, although typically .22s are used, AR-15s and similar rifles have been used in organized biathlon competitions.


And they are an essential part of Three-Gun Competitions".



Very VERY good


Indeed sir! applause


I am not anti-gun, but you pople are so annoying that I honestly hope they ban every single thing they can get away with out of spite.


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Except that my previous post makes a grand total of one (1) post I've made about the subject. On the pro-gun side, there's a new freak-out thread every day about how "Obama's gunna take yer gunz! I'm gunna shoot at 'em when they come!" and other pathetic macho shit.

I don't know where they get the idea that Obama gives a shit about their guns with the economy in the toilet, an energy crisis looming, Iran possibly building a bomb, etc. I guarantee he hasn't bestowed a single second's thought on gun legislation. The grown-ups are busy.


Good, if you don't feel passionate about the Bill of Rights, feel free to not post.


The Bill of Rights was useful for them when Bush was president. Not that their man is in...




I know it may seem that way to you, but the Bill of Right does not equal the 2nd Amendment. The other ones are much more important.

Again, please think about things before you post, people.


Now that Obama is in, we're going to dig the Constitution out of the shredder and try to tape it back together.


You'll get rid of the income tax and do away with all the entitlement programs to start, I hope.


BS. The 2nd Amendment guarantees the government's commitment to abide by all the others.