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The Worst Excuse Ever...


I wouldn't normally start a thread here, but thought I'd share with you what I believe to be THE worst excuse I've EVER heard for not training legs...

The other day I spoke to a guy (with chicken legs) who said that training legs wasn't necessary because...

Wait for it...

Pause for effect...

'As you build muscle on your upper body and get bigger and heavier, your legs get bigger and stronger from having to carry that extra weight on your upper body around'.

Quadruple face palm...

Can this be beaten?



Basketball players are supposed to be skinny

I don't wanna get too strong because I want to have kids someday


Talking a about having a 250lb bench press - ''I used to bench that but lifting that much is bad for your heart''

Me - ''..... ''


Don't know if it beats yours, but my personal favorite is:

I don't need to train legs because my legs are already strong/big from running/jogging/soccer/lacrosse/volleyball/etc.


"I don't train my legs because I play soccer."


I flexed my quads real hard last week and my balls fell off.



that is classic. Heard from a friend last week:

"my boxing instructor said i don't need to train legs because i already jump rope and run. He saids the muscles i need to work most are abs, biceps and triceps."

I tried telling him that Legs + Back are more important, but i gave up.


I don't know shit about training boxers, but I'll go right ahead and assume your friend should listen to his coach and not you.


This story is not really on the specific topic but it has to do with training legs.

One day I was doing legs at a new gym. It was just me and these other two dudes, one of them older and bigger than the other one. So I get to my top set on squats and I ask the older dude if he could spot me. As I'm about to put on my earphones and set up, I hear: "you should place your feet wider" I replied "what?"

Him: you should place your feet wider

Me: It's called an Olympic squat

Him: you're going to mess up your back like that

Me: No, it's an olympic squat and my feet need to be closer together to I can go all the way down, my back is fine.

Him: Listen...cut off*

Me: Cut in* Let me see your legs...

Him: shows me legs*

Me: My legs are bigger than yours.....

Him: ........

Me: ......

Him: Well listen, I'm 45 years old, I been training for years bla bla bla bla

Me: are you going to spot me or not?

Him: Yea

The end.


aint nothin' to it but to do it.


conversation between me an my roomate

Roomate " I have really bad knees"

Me..."Why, what happened to them?"

Roomate " I don't know man theyre just messed up"
Lifts up shorts and shows me a perfectly good looking set of knees

i never hear him complain about knee pain so i don't see what his problem is


"It's gay"

"Nobody looks at them"


Think about boxing...think about throwing a really hard punch....why would you only train abs tris and bis to throw powerful punches? Nothing is gonna make your punches more explosive than having powerful legs and core, punches start with leg drive. Also, shoulders and traps are gonna do a lot more work when boxing than biceps and triceps. Not that those should be neglected either.

Neither mans answer is better than the other but they are both lacking.


If you say so. My knowledge of fighting starts and stops with the Rocky movies. haha


This actually made me LOL


Hay Hanban!

Where'd you get that pic?

I made/photoshopped that pic a couple of years ago and posted it in some forgetting thread!


Did it ever dawn on you guys that some people just don't care about training their legs?

I've heard the same shit before, but why does it bother you so much?


It only bothers me when it's someone you offer advice to or have helped train. I'm young still and never actually coached, but in track helping kids was a big hassle. You get the typical responses followed by complaints, etc etc where it just ends up being a waste of your time.

Otherwise :slightly_smiling: I follow the much said! The less people training their legs the better! Free squat racks = a good day haha!


Haha I have a friend saying exactly that!.. He does have pretty big legs (the bastard!) but I attribute that to genetics more than soccer.