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The Worst DL Form Ever

I think we have a new winner of the “Worst DL Form Ever” award. My spine hurts just looking at it.


oh my god!

That is Horrable. Definitely the worst I have ever seen. Makes the deis weaz look like a champ. Gotta love the swagger as he walks away too.

It almost looks like a comedy sketch.

Holy God.

[quote]OneEye wrote:
I think we have a new winner of the “Worst DL Form Ever” award. My spine hurts just looking at it.



Good lord, my spine hurts just looking at it!!!

haha ouch

Holy crap…how do those vids keep making it onto the internet?

thats the funniest thing ive seen since the douchebag doing those cable crossovers.


Is that Cressey or Robertson?

What the ($*%? Can we even call that a deadlift? I’m surprised he’s still even walking.


I laughed, I cried. I’d say that guy was in his mid-20s. If he keeps that up, in 5-10 years (if not sooner) you’ll be able to see disks popping out of his back like fireworks on the 4th of July.

Very ugly. Very scary.

Holy $hit, that was terrible! I though I was gonna see another DW clip.

thats a good one allright… what an awesome clip… I thought it was bad enough getting it up to knee high. Thatss when the party is just gettin’ started…


That’s actually kind of immpressive. He stood up and walked away from that. Looked like halfway through the bar was at a crazy angle. Jeeeez.

Three white lights- it’s good! Yaaaayyyy! The deadlift record for the AAPF 165 mallrats open class goes to D.L. Shrug 'n Buck!

I don’t think that kid had a spine…or maybe it’s like the guy in Fantastic 4…he sure is pliable.

If you look very closely, you’ll see how he hitched a little. A meticulous and alert judge would catch that.

That’s sarcasm, folks.