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The Worst (Best) Bulking Foods Ever Thread


I'm trying to make a list of shit you'd never eat unless you were trying to bulk your ass off. Straight up dirty-bulk foods, for our "convinced" hardgainers.

I'm looking for things like the most calorie dense foods per gram, or even just things that you've personally found flip your fatass switch.

Several whole pizzas in a day often do it for me, while not uncommon for guys on this forum I've found for some reason pizza always goes along with my bulking attempts now.

(I'm looking to learn from this thread, but hopefully it'll give the newer guys some ideas. I already had my "baww I can't gain weight" moment and gotten over myself/figured it out so this should help the new guys out).


macademian nuts
sweet potatoes
ice cream
natural peanut butter
rice with beans (legumes, lentils, black, kidney, etct)
pork fat
italian sandwiches


Protein shakes with a bunch of stuff (milk, bananas, peanut butter, honey, etc) in them


no, I'm not kidding


While we're talking dirty, throwing in 4/5 loaded potato bread/nutella sandwiches is awesome. even better with natty peanutbutter and jam.

the two slices of potato bread = 200kcal, plus 200 from the pb (150 of which are from fat), plus 50 from the jam (just to be safe)

Took a note from Stu, added in two poptarts (410kcal) and a glass of milk... those three simple childish items together was the most unfilling thing I've eaten, but right around 1kcal.

I could do it all over again in half an hour.


In terms of calories home made cheesecake, ice cream, pastry cream, lots of long grain white rice, olive oil or butter in everything but only if one makes sure they have been getting 1 gram of protein or more per pound of body weight and haven't seen results and then need to increase calories.
In terms of protein its easier to get protein from red meat from fatty steaks and roast's than from ground beef or lean cuts cooked anywhere from rare to medium any more and the meat becomes too dry making it difficult to eat more. One also has to be careful not to over cook fish or chicken for the same reason.


x2, throw whatever you want in there and eat up. Lot of protein and carbs.


bananas...okay...but seriously...these are dirty? what the fuck


Fuck all the ice cream, cookies, desserts and shit, I wouldn't eat that on a bulk, things like fast food burgers, meat lovers pizza, take out etc. are things I'd eat on a bulk and avoid when not bulking. No sense eating food with no nutritional value while bulking, make it quality, steak and mashed potatoes, a few slices of meatlovers, burgers etc.

Obviously no problem indulging in an ice cream everyonce in a blue, but the goal is too gain as much muscle as possible putting on as little fat possible, obviously you'll be gaining some fat, but let's not do things to further put on the fat and not aid in muscle growth.


Cow and all derived cow things.


Peanut butter sandwich with some form of berry poptarts as the bread.


Agree with austinbicep.
No desserts. Pizza, also I blend oats, whet, cottage cheese, milk, and natural pb for a big shake I chug two or three a day


You have a serious problem if you consider these foods to be "dirty."


I dont consider them dirty. I was wondering why no one else said anything. Thats all I have been pretty much eating.


back when it was actually a bit of a challenge to gain weight a full can of lima beans right before bed followed by a protein shake after about 3 hrs of sleep seemed to do the trick


No one has mentioned the buffet yet? All you can eat will do the trick. Also cheese pastries at 500+ calories, and yes, macadamia nuts at 1200 calories a can.

Squats and milk.


Waffles/pancakes covered with peanutbutter and syrup. omfg i love waffles


I think its kind of obvious that these are the (best) foods, not the worst


OP thanks for starting the thread! there are a few here i would have never thought of.

made from FLAX is shockingly calorie dense (50ish per teaspoon) , as is oil made from most other things. Flax also has tons of other benefits though!


I just skinned the leather off my chair and downed it...does that fill my daily protein quota?