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The worlds tightest wrist flexors?

Just read C.W.'s new article and gave the wrist flexor test a try. WOW! Not even friggin close. I look about 10x’s worse than the guy in the second picture. Hopefully this should explain my constantly lagging grip. Just wondering how many of the rest of you are in the same boat?

Not to great here either. Real eye opener.

Same boat here…can’t even get close to the guy in the 2nd picture. Might explain partly why I’ve been forced to use straps when deadlifting b/c I can pull a lot heavier than I can actually hold. Torn off a ton of callouses trying without straps…I’m working on this now since the article came out though.

Same boat here, too…I bet every guy has this problem. I can’t even do it with my hands in front of me! Maybe biotest will have a contest to see who can get it first :]

I’m not to bad but there is room for improvement and from lifting experience alot of times my grip gives in before anything else when lifting heavy.

My shoulders won’t allow it. I’m too stuck together.

I dunno I’m sure the flexors flexibility could do with improvement in all of us but chicks are naturally more flexible than guys. I can’t imagine ever achieving that position and who has the bigger arms out of the two?

Hmmm, I managed to get my palms completely together. Wasn’t that comfortable though.

Same here. Not even close. Nothing new here though, I recently started doing some Oly Lifts. The major thing the coach said to work was flexibility.

Gotta pay attention to this, if you don’t you will probably end up needing ART.

Wow, I didn’t even know the human body was supposed to bend that way! I can barely get my fingers facing the sky, much less get my palms together. This explains a lot with what’s been going on with power cleans and deadlifts…

well, I can do it… and only with a slight discomfort…

Well, it took me two tries to get it. I just woke up though and was eating breakfast when I chanced the article and the first time, I had some serious resistance from my shoulder. Stretched my arms for 15 seconds and hit it without much of a problem. It is by no means comfortable though, I am sure the chick was not smiling while she was doing it. Finally I am getting something out my flexibility; I still have found a use for being able to put my palms on the floor without bneind my knees :slight_smile: Unfortunately, something happened to my left wrist though and I can’t do reverse curls because my left wrist gives out long before my arms. Yall can all practice flexibility at home but I am the one who will look like a retard at the gym doing reverse wrists with the barbell :slight_smile:

yeah, what the hecks the deal with the shoulders? the most uncomfortable part for me is getting my shoulders into position. Normally my shoulders are pretty flexible since theyre so unstable (tore the posterior labrum in both of em, a few other things as well in the right one) Whats the deal, does this mean i have tight anterior delts too?

I’m in the same boat as most of you.
My shoulders are too tight to even get both hands behind my back.

Wow… As soon as I saw the exercise I was like “must try” and all I have to say is "SOB !!!&&^#@*!! Man, this hurts… I guess this whole shoulder flexibility thing is becoming more and more priority… Totally put my wrist flexibility in a new perspective… And I thought my grip strength was pretty good…
Oh well… let’s keep working on it.

well…i can do it, but i’m with jackass…my right shoulder makes it very hard to do…but at least my wrist flexors are fine.

I can do it without much prob. I think that yoga is helping with my flexibility.

But reading the posts, i think that some people are being limited by shoulder tightness rather than wrist flexor tightness. They are two different things, right?

Can people do pushups, palm flat on the floor? I would think that this would be difficult also with tight flexors…

i do pushups on my knuckles, if i ever do pushups. i can barely get my hands together behind my back, let alone touch palms

I had trouble getting my hands behind my back as well and then had to line my fingers up and force my hands together as far as they would go. There was no way I could extend my wrists voluntarily in this position.

My sister did it quite easily but she has scary shoulder flexibility.

As evident by many of the posts, adequate shoulder flexibility is also a huge factor to achieve the desired position. Yes, I also wanted trainees to realize how tight their shoulders really are, and the fact that most trainees should address the issue. Even though my response related to forearm flexibility, shoulder flexibility is just as important. Read JP’s stretching articles, he covered stretching issues/techniques very well.
Keep stretching!