The Worlds Largest Penis

…yeah I know - it’s not nice to tease but I wanted to ensure that the Vixens clicked on it.

I do however have some serious questions about what the hell all you men are doing here though (yeah, you could not post and claim that there is no “evidence” but we’ll know you were here anyway…)

Those familiar with the story of 'Cake know that I accepted a two year post to take care of some things for my company here in Winnipeg Manitoba and you know, I was expecting the cold (I grew up here) but freaking Christ! the snow…Holy crap!..I forgot about the snow spending so much time in Calgary. We never visited in the winter (Visit, Winnipeg in the winter? are you mad?..) so I suppose I just selectively deleted it from my memory…that is a full size Cat pushing snow and this is only one of four mountains like this that the city has removed because it won’t fit on top of the 8 foot high banks around town.

Anyway, I felt like sharing…

“Let every man shovel out his own snow and the whole city will be passable”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

…and this is what happens when you mix some of that snow and a driver who showed a distinct lack of respect for Red Lights.


“Why is it that men can be bastards and women must wear pearls and smile?”

~ Lynn Hecht Schafren

Sunny 81 degrees in Brownsville, TX today.

Where’s the beef?

Hey Cake- sorry I forgot to message you, my bench meet was last Sunday, benched 182.5kg pretty damn happy with that.
Drivers here are possibly the worst anywhere, just a bunch of jackasses.

See Doogie, now you are a Bastard too…

Texas…Mmmmm…It’s my dream to die warm…I have an affinity for Austin. With our recent purchase of Circle K, I am one step closer to sunning myself on a 24-7 basis…

Australia would be nice too.

…but really, anywhere where you would have to go online to see a picture like that would be an improvement.

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”

~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Detroit muscle + snow = serious catabolism.

yeah doogie, but your in brownsville texas.

That’s true, P-Dog. This is this last of five very long years in the armpit of the earth. Still, it’s better the El Cajon, CA.

bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bahhhhh

yeah winnipeg’s gettin some “nice” weather lately. Lived there for 7 years, been here in ottawa for the past 7 since, and the one thing i don’t miss one bit is the coldass weather. Got pretty cold here a few weeks ago, just reminded me of growin up in newfoundland and winnipeg. Out of the 3 places i’ve lived, i’ll pick ottawa for winter, the days like today when it’s -2 when ya wake up seems much better than -40

my sympathies,Cupcake.

Yeah…the cold sucks, I look forward to seeing the sun…feeling the warn summer breeze on my face…sigh…

I also look forward to seeing my testicles again, they seem to have taken up permanent residence deep inside my body cavity in a search for warmth.

My colon doesn’t mind but my liver keeps bitching about the loud parties…but I just tell ‘em "Hey! They’re full of freakin’ Testosterone, waddya expect?"

Yeah…can’t wait to see the boys again…

Caber -

You, Me, Bryan, Incarcerated Member of Society #22 and the other Tundra dwelling T-men missed a good excuse to get together and Tip Bevies and Trade Lies…let’s make sure we make the next one…

Congratulations on your lift (Ya big strong bastard!)…a new PR?

Hey look!..I can feel my toes!..must mean spring is coming…

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water”

~ Carl Reiner

Hey 'cake,

I like to drive slowly past those snow monoliths and imagine I’m gazing upon a distant majestic mountain…whoops, forgot I was driving!!

Yeah Caber, that was me who almost slammed into you…

I found it humorus that right below the thread on The World’s Largest Penis is the Black Dominance in Sports Thread? Coincidence??? Or is that just a myth?

NO its no myth, I can drop trou and verify for you.

Cake you’re a punk!

Before I read the post I spent a full minute looking at that pic trying to figure out what the heck it had to do with a penis.

This aint so much snow. I’ll try to find a few pics for you.


you can post that pic in the hot t men thread.

Trans-Labrador Highway a few years ago.

That’s one big snowblower down there!